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All About Disposable Aprons

All About Disposable Aprons

In the food service industry disposable aprons make keeping the kitchen clean and free of contamination much easier than ever before. Working with potential contaminants such as bacteria from raw meat and fish can be a threat to health and safety in the workplace. While washing hands regularly is a great way to keep that under control, disposable aprons are another method. You can’t stop to wash your apron every time it is contaminated, but you can quickly discard it and grab a clean one if you are using disposable aprons .

Disposable aprons come in a few basic materials. They are most commonly made of plastic, which works great to prevent food from reach your clothing or your skin. Plastic disposable aprons made of various types of plastic are the most common choice because they are affordable. If you work with hot oil or other hot liquids that can cause burns, however you will want to select a type of apron that won’t melt on contact.

Created by DuPont, Tyvek is one of the most popular materials for stronger disposable aprons that will withstand very hot liquids such as oil, preventing serious burns and damage to clothing. While these are a great choice if you need better protection, bear in mind that they will cost more. One of the great features of Tyvek disposable aprons , however is that they are made of recycled materials and thus are eco-friendly. Some disposable aprons can be recycled, but verify this before you buy if that is a concern for you.

Disposable aprons make keeping clean and keeping well-protected in the kitchen easy and fast. For busy kitchens, they can be purchased in bulk, keeping your costs down even if you go through many of them. Disposable aprons are available online and from most restaurant supply stores.

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