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All About Doctor Diabetic Supply

All About Doctor Diabetic Supply

If you are diabetic and need to have supplies delivered to your home regularly, then Doctor Diabetic Supply can help you.  You will pay nothing upfront and have all of your diabetic supply needs shipped to your home for free.  Doctor Diabetic Supply carries all of the top name brands in diabetes treatment and testing including Roche, Ayer, and Home Diagnostics.  They will take care of the Medicare and insurance paperwork for you, making your day just a little bit easier.  With Doctor Diabetic Supply, getting everything you need to manage your diabetes is simple and straightforward.

When you become a member of Doctor Diabetic Supply, you not only get the best in diabetes supplies sent directly to you, you will also have access to a network of helpful resources.  The on-staff doctors and dieticians can answer your questions and help you to live your life with diabetes healthfully and happily.  You will receive educational materials to help you manage your diabetes in every shipment as well as a quarterly newsletter with all the latest information in the diabetes testing and treatment industry to help you stay on top of things.

Doctor Diabetic Supply will remind you when it’s time to refill your supplies and make it easy to order and have everything in time.  They will make certain every order is accurate and that you are never left without what you need to keep your diabetes under control.  Your shipments will arrive promptly at your door and you will never have to go running out to find what you need at the last minute!

Doctor Diabetic Supply accepts Medicare, Medicaid and many insurance plans.  They will take care of filling out all of the paperwork on your behalf, and you won’t pay anything up front for your shipments.  You can even use Medicare supplemental insurance to pay the remaining balance on your orders, and Doctor Diabetic Supply will ensure that everything is billed properly so that you don’t wind up with extra out of pocket expenses,

Doctor Diabetic Supply has many other perks to membership including access to meal planning guides and a free diabetic cookbook when you join.  You will be able to manage all aspects of your diabetes through Doctor Diabetic Supply, not just get the testing and treatment equipment you need.  They are dedicated to providing all of the resources that people living with diabetes need in order to stay in the best health possible.

Enrollment in the Doctor Diabetic Supply program is completely free, and you will get all of the perks of membership right away.  You can sign up online or over the phone, and start recieving all of the diabetes supplies you need at your door, free of charge.  With Doctor Diabetic Supply, living with diabetes is easier than ever before.  It takes just a few short minutes to enroll; you will need to be prepared with insurance or Medicare information when you call so that they can take care of getting all your paperwork filled out.  Then, you can live your life with one less worry!

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