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All About Douglas Wheels

All About Douglas Wheels

Douglas Wheels are one of the top selling and the original products sold by the Douglas Technologies Group.  Founded in 1991 by Douglas Henline, the line of wheels was originally designed to improve upon the existing technology available in kart racing wheels.  The line soon expanded to include wheels for not only karts but golf carts, race cars, buggies, and even ATV’s – in fact the ATV line of Douglas wheels is one of the most popular choices sold by the company today.  Eventually the company even expanded into manufacturing their own tires, so that your Douglas wheels can be complimented by the perfect tire designed to work with the wheels.

Douglas wheels today are among the best known specialty wheels on the market and the go-to brand for anyone who enjoys kart racing or ATV riding.  Their rigorous testing standards ensure that every set of Douglas wheels is of the highest quality and will stand up to even the toughest conditions.  The company behind Douglas wheels was founded by people with a true love for the racing and off road driving world, and all of their knowledge of these areas has gone into improving the Douglas wheels designs.

Today, Douglas wheels for ATVs are considered to be among the best in the world.  The AlumLite line of ATV wheels has been used on more championship winning vehicles than any other ATV wheel on the market. With their advanced design these wheels are not just great looking, but lightweight, strong, and built for performance.  There is a wide range of different types of wheels available under the AlumLite product line, and each type includes the newest technology.  The Rokout series, for example, is designed to prevent rocks from entering and getting stuck inside the wheels.  The Douglas wheels in this lineup range from economical to the highest end wheels available.

AlumLite wheels are also available for kart racing, and Douglas wheels also makes several other lines for karts, in keeping with the goal with which the company was founded.  The Q+ Oval kart racing wheels are the most precise oval wheels on the market and one of the products that have made Douglas wheels so successful.  Along with the many wheel choices, Douglas wheels also manufactures hubs that are world chamionship winning quality.

Douglas wheels are known for their rolled lip as well as their bead lock technology that ensures wheel changes are quick and easy and that the wheels continue to roll as they should throughout many uses and changes.  Every set of Douglass wheels is engineered for success on the track as well as off road, and the designers have spent years researching the needs of racers and the best ways to improve on existing technology.

Douglas wheels are available from both online and local dealers.  You can visit the Douglas website in order to find the nearest dealer to you or to find a trusted online source for the best in performance specialty wheels.  Douglas dealers are available internationally.

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