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All About Elkay Undermount Sinks

All About Elkay Undermount Sinks

From one of the most popular manufacturers of kitchen products in the US, Elkay undermount sinks are high quality, durable stainless steel sinks for multiple uses.  Elkay undermount sinks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs, from the kitchen to the wet bar.  If you are looking for a sink that will give your kitchen or bar a clean modern look and yet be completely functional and easy to clean, Elkay undermount sinks are a great choice.

Elkay undermount sinks are constructed from high quality stainless steel, making them durable and easy to keep clean and sparkling.  All Elkay undermount sinks are made from 18 gauge stainless steel.  They are available in many shapes, including large rectangular sinks and small rounded sinks for prep areas or for a bar.  You can also select a double bowl sink for your kitchen to make cleaning tasks even easier and cleaning up a breeze.  Elkay undermount sinks can be chosen to fit any size opening, or you can customize your new countertops based on the sink you really want.

The undermount sink is a popular choice for both new construction and for kitchen renovations because of the convenience and the clean look it provides.  Mounted beneath the counter surface, Elkay undermount sinks don’t have visible grout lines that are hard to keep clean.  Wiping off the counter area around the sink is made much simpler with an undermount sink.  This type of sink also allows you free reign when it comes to your selection and placement of accessories such as faucets and soap dispensers among others.  Without a built in set of placement holes such as you would see in a standard sink, Elkay undermount sinks let you customize your kitchen fully to your own specifications.

Elkay undermount sinks are sold across the country from a wide range of kitchen and home improvement stores.  The company is well know for their high quality products, which makes them a popular choice of contractors and kitchen remodeling experts.  You can also peruse the line of Elkay undermount sinks online, both at the company website and through many online retailers.  Choosing your sink online lets you see multiple photos of the sink in place so that you can visualize how it might look in your own kitchen.  It also gives you the widest selection of models to choose from so that you know exactly which Elkay undermount sinks are available and which will work best for you.

Elkay undermount sinks are the perfect choice for solid surface countertops such as granite or quartz.  Remember that you will have to have mounting holes drilled where you want them for the faucet and other accessories – if you are planning a remodel be sure your contractor knows you plan to use an undermount sink.  The final look will be worth the extra cost and effort.  Elkay undermount sinks look great and help to raise the value of your home when your kitchen remodel is complete.

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