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All About Expressions Contact Lenses

All About Expressions Contact Lenses

It is not every day that you get a chance to change your eye color whilst also improving your sight at the same time. Wearing colored contact lenses can do just that. Colored contacts are available in a variety of shades that resemble natural eye colors. They are also available in a variety of prescription strengths as well. One of the leading contact lenses in this category is the Expressions contact lenses.

Made out of 45 percent Methafilcon A, Expressions contact lenses are extremely soft to the touch and just as gentle on the eye to wear. This is very important to many contact lens wearers. Gone are the days of wearing contact lenses that scratch, itch and irritate the eyes. With Expressions contact lenses you will not even feel like you are wearing any contacts at all. It used to be that people chose contact lenses solely on their color, thinking that they have to forego comfort. However, the Expressions contact lenses offer a perfect marriage of both color and comfort.

Not only are the Expressions contact lenses comfortable to wear day in and day out, but they are also available in eight unique shades. The colors that the Expressions contact lenses come in are brown, hazel, gray, blue topaz, aqua, blue, jade, and green. These shades can provide your eye with a natural enhancement by choosing a shade that is close to your natural eye color. Alternatively, the Expressions contact lenses can also offer you a complete eye color change by simply choosing a lens color that is opposite from your natural eye color.

Considered to be a soft contact lens, the Expressions line of contact lenses is made by adhering to a very high standard of quality. Due to their overall design, these contact lenses can be worn by either experienced contact lens wearers who are looking for a very comfortable, high quality lens coupled with a great color, as well as by someone who has never worn contacts before. These contacts are available to be worn either as a daily, disposable contact lens or as a contact lens that can be worn up to a week at a time.

What makes the Expressions contact lenses stand out from the rest of the colored contact lenses available on the market today, is that they utilize a unique technologically advanced tinting process that provides a much more realistic and natural eye color perfect for brightening up a dull blue eye, or for deepening chocolate brown eyes.

Expressions contact lenses can be ordered through your eye doctor or ophthalmologist after you have had an eye exam to determine the necessary prescription strength. Alternatively, if you already know what the strength of your contact lenses should be, you can purchase Expressions contact lenses online. There are many online retailers of contact lenses that also have in-house laboratories that can help create the correct strength of contact lenses for you.  There are also many retailers that offer the complete line of Expressions contact lenses at very affordable prices.

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