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All About Fashion Seal Scrubs

All About Fashion Seal Scrubs

When most people think of the word ‘nurse,’ the image of a white dress with a funny white cap may come to mind. But medical fashion has come a long way from those days. Today’s uniforms for medical staff are designed around comfort and cleanliness, allowing for the freedom of movement that is so crucial in this field. Fashion seal scrubs allow you the flexibility to show your own individuality while still maintaining standards of cleanliness and uniformity.

Scrubs are typically a loose-fitting pair of cotton slacks with a simple cotton shirt over the top. These are designed specifically to maintain the sterile environment necessary in the medical field while also keeping the staff comfortable and able to move flexibly when needed. They come in a variety of colors, allowing medical staff the option to express their unique style while still maintaining the overall look needed to show their status and authority.

Different medical facilities will require different looks. Some offices will require all staff to wear the same color for the sake of uniformity. Other offices will require a certain theme. For instance, a pediatric office may allow the staff to choose their own colors and styles so long as the color and pattern are child-oriented. A vetrinarian office may require animal-themed scrubs, such as dog bones or paw prints.

Some hospitals also designate area based on color. Someone who works in the pediatric section of the hospital may be required to wear light pinks or light blues, while surgery staff may need to wear darker blues. This helps security identify people in the wrong area of the hospital as well as helping patients feel comfort, knowing they are in the right hands.

Fashion Seal scrubs have been around for quite a while, providing high-quality scrubs for the medical professional. They offer scrubs in a broad variety of styles, sizes, and colors, certain to meet your fashion needs. Some of their products include pockets for easy carrying of necessities while on the job. Recognizing the different materials that medical staff may need to carry, some of their tops even include special scissor pockets, designed to remain strong and hold what is needed.

Some of their products are made in Poplin for greater comfort and fit, while others are a poly/cotton blend. They also offer the traditional cotton, of course. Seeking to create the most comfortable fit, most Fashion Seal scrub pants are non-reversible, as they have chosen to create pants designed to fit right on the body rather than making a straight, unformed pair of pants that can be uncomfortable and fit wrong. Not only that, but they also offer a line of scrubs designed specifically to fit women. While the unisex scrub shirts may have breast pockets, the ladies line features pockets lower on the top for comfort and practicality. Fashion Seal scrubs include anything from tops to bottoms to coveralls, which may be required in some medical areas.

Whether you are looking for comfort, style, or practicality, Fashion Seal scrubs work hard to provide a superior product to meet your needs.

Photo courtesy of Andrea D Mueller.

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