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All About Flushable Wipes

All About Flushable Wipes

One of the newest developments in personal hygiene, flushable wipes are convenient and provide a cleanliness that toilet tissue alone simply can’t.  They are convenient both at home and on the go, and keeping some on your purse or pocket is a great way to make sure you have a clean wipe that is safe to flush no matter where you are.  Flushable wipes are great for all ages and make sure you feel clean and refreshed.

Flushable wipes are safe for sewers as well as for septic systems as long as you use them as directed.  They break down just like toilet tissue, but just as with any paper product, you should be sure not to flush down too many of them at once.  One or two is usually the maximum, so use them cautiously.  Flushable wipes come in convenient refillable pop-up containers, just like baby wipes do, making them easy to use.  They are also available in single travel packs that can be slipped into a pocket.

Flushable wipes are perfect for potty training you child.  Because they are used to baby wipes and also aren’t particularly adept at wiping carefully yet, you will find that a moist, flushable wipe is the best way to help them clean up after using the potty.  Unlike baby wipes, flushable wipes are safe for use in the toilet, and also easy for little hands to use.  Because they pop up one at a time, you won’t find your child using a huge wad of toilet paper each time he or she uses the potty!  Instead they will get only one of the flushable wipes at a time.

Flushable wipes are great for adults as well.  They are sanitary and also help prevent irritation.  Many women find flushable wipes to be soothing and convenient after childbirth as well, when standard toilet tissue does offer the same sort of comfort and cleaning.

There are a number of brands of flushable wipes on the market, and while they are more expensive than toilet tissue they are also not used in the same quantity.  One wipe can do the job of a lot of toilet tissue, and do it more effectively as well.  The main brands that make flushable wipes are also toilet tissue brands such as Cottonelle, so you will know you are getting the same high quality.  There are also more affordable generic brands of flushable wipes available to help you save some extra money.

Flushable wipes can be used for all sorts of purposes and simply tossed in the nearest toilet, whether it is cleaning up a child’s sticky hands or removing makeup.  Because they are safe to flush, you don’t have to worry about backing up a toilet.  Keeping flushable wipes near your own toilet at home and also with you everywhere you go will give you access to a quick clean up option that doesn’t wind up in a landfill or overflowing the garbage can.  It’s no wonder flushable wipes are becoming more popular with adults and children alike.

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