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All About Founders Insurance

All About Founders Insurance

Founders Insurance began in 1901 with three employees, selling fire insurance to Illinois residents under the name of Mutual Fire Insurance Company. A merger in 1906 with Founders Mutual Insurance Company led to the name Illinois Founders Insurance Company. Founders Insurance has a special spot in history in its home state of Illinois – it was one of the first insurance companies to pay policyholders whose homes had been damaged or destroyed in the rioting following the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King. Founders Insurance is also known for offering liquor liability coverage, which they began in the 1950s and consider a specialty of theirs.

The 1990s saw a good deal of branching out for Founders Insurance. They spread into other states and so they changed their name from Illinois Founders Insurance Company to simply Founders Insurance Company. They also began to insure automobiles during that decade. Today, Founders Insurance has almost two hundred employees in five states and coverage writings in forty-seven states. They offer a variety of insurance coverages but specialize in non-standard and liquor liability coverages.

Prides & Strengths of Founders Insurance

Founders Insurance lists a number of things they are devoted to that lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. They cite financial strength as a major factor in their success and are also proud of their integration of technology into business practices. Founders Insurance is ready and willing to expand into untapped markets and develop niche products, enabling them to specialize in certain types of insurance that can help businesspeople and homeowners in the ways they really need.

The people who work for Founders Insurance, however, are their greatest source of strength. Founders Insurance values integrity and employs almost two hundred employees who speak more than twenty different languages and are described by the company as “energetic” and “diverse.” This allows Founders Insurance to place great emphasis on politeness and friendliness as well as the development of personal relationships with their clients. Founders Insurance as a company places great value on the independent agent and sees that as the fundamental unit of their practice.

Specialties of Founders Insurance

The major types of insurance offered by Founders Insurance are personal automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and commercial liability and property, which includes the liquor liability coverage they are known for. Personal automobile insurance from Founders Insurance is “non-standard,” meaning they are modified and customized to fit the needs of their customers. Their homeowners programs are not credit scores, making Founders Insurance a good choice for anyone struggling with poor credit.

What the Founders Insurance Website Offers

Founders Insurance prides themselves on the integration of new technology in order to better connect to independent agents as well as clients, and their website reflects this dedication. Whether you’re considering purchasing a policy from Founders Insurance, are already a policy holder, are considering a job as a Founders Insurance agent or are already an agent, their website has plenty of resources for you.

If you’re considering becoming a client of Founders Insurance, their website has plenty of information to help you make the decision. Their Major Lines page explains the various types of coverage they offer and gives a basic rundown of their specialties. Founders Insurance also has a “Find an Agent” page that lets you input your state, city and zip code and find a Founders Insurance agent near you. If you’re already a policyholder with Founders Insurance, their website provides contact information for the company. You can also log in to make a payment, view your policy, and report a claim through their website.

Agents and prospective agents of Founders Insurance can also find plenty of information and resources through the Founders Insurance website. Once logged in, Founders Insurance agents can see the information for their policyholders’ payments, fine online endorsement templates, get policy reprints, report a loss for their clients, re-order supplies and chat with an underwriter.

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