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All About Fred Loya Insurance

All About Fred Loya Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance is a family owned and operated insurance agency based out of El Paso, Texas.  The company has expanded since their beginning to have agencies located in three additional states: California, New Mexico and Colorado.  They also have plans to expand to more states including Nevada and Arizona.  Fred Loya Insurance is one of the top 500 Hispanic owned companies in the United States today and continues to grow in spite of difficult economic times.

Fred Loya Insurance provides car insurance policies to over a half million drivers in the United States.  The company has its own claims and legal department and handles all of their claims and policies internally.  As part of the Loya Insurance Group, Fred Loya Insurance continues to provide the same service to the many customers it has today as it did when the first store front agency opened its doors in 1974.

Fred Loya Insurance provides a number of different auto insurance policy options to suit the needs of every driver.  They have basic policies that meet the requirements of the state in which the policy is issued, as well as optional coverages you can select to better protect yourself in the case of an accident.  You can also elect to have roadside assistance and rental car coverage for convenience when your car is out of commission.  Fred Loya Insurance policies vary in cost due to the many differences in drivers and vehicles.  The best way to find out what type of policy is available to you is to contact a Fred Loya Insurance agent and obtain a quote.  Agents can help you to understand your insurance needs and make certian that you have the protection you need from your policy.

In order to be as accesible as possible, Fred Loya Insurance offices are often located in the most convenient places such as store fronts in strip malls and in large grocery store chains.  This makes it easy to locate a Fred Loya Insurance Agency as well as convenient to take care of insurance business while getting other daily tasks done.  This is part of the company’s overall comittment to providing truly local service, and becoming an integrated part of every community they serve.  As a family run insurance company, Fred Loya Insurance is committed to keeping their agencies accessible and friendly, and providing the top nbotch service they are known for.

Fred Loya Insurance quotes can be obtained on their website and over the phone as well as in an agency, allowing you multiple ways to contact the company and get the information you need.  The website also allows you to pay your bill conveniently online at any time of night or day.  The toll free number lets you inquire about your policy or make a claim whenever you need to.  Claims are handled by the Loya Insurance Group’s claims department and adjusters are dedicated to providing you with an easy and fair process that leaves everyone satisfied.  Your Fred Loya Insurance agent is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the claims process to ensure you understand every aspect.  Of course, all parts of the quoting, claims and everyday policy maintenance process are available in Spanish, and the company is dedicated to the Hispanic population it has set out to serve.

Fred Loya Insurance strives to provide all of the personalized service of a small company with all of the benefits of a large company, a combination which keeps customers loyal and satisfied and contributes to the company’s success.  Customers are treated as individuals, but their policies are backed by all of the strength of a major company to ensure financial stability and continued service on a high level.

With their strong growth and nearly 30 years in the insurance industry, Fred Loya Insurance is set to become one of the larger privately owned insurance companies in the United States.  As the company expands across the country, agencies are likely to become more visible and easily available to many new markets.  Fred Loya Insurance is set to become the number one Hispanic company selling auto insurance in the nation, and eventually one of the top privately owned insurance company overall.

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