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All About Fremont Insurance

All About Fremont Insurance

Fremont Insurance is a Michigan based insurance company offering a wide variety of insurance products for both personal and commercial needs.  Since 1876, when Fremont Insurance started offering farm insurance products under the name of Patrons Mutual Fire Insurance Company, they have been offering Michigan residents the best coverage and the best service at a reasonable price.  Over the years they have added many different product lines, and today Fremont Insurance can offer coverage for just about anything you can think of.

Sold exclusively through agents, Fremont Insurance is a turly homegrown company that serves the people of Michigan with the personal service of an agent and the backing of a large insurance company.  This means that while you will have an expert insurance agent to help you with the day to day policy changes and purchases, you will also have twenty four hour assistance available to help you out in the case of an emergency or a claim.  Fremont Insurance gives you the best of both worlds – a small local company that is focused on individuals, and a large company with the resources to provide the best service around.

The original policies sold by the company provided farm fire insurance, but they quickly branched out into the other areas of personal lines coverage including homeowners, auto insurance, personal marine and even renters insurance.  In addition to that they now offer a wide range of commercial products; Fremont Insurance can cover any sort of business and even offer coverage for your home office.  Of course, Fremont Insurance still offers the product that they started out with; you can still purchase a farm owners insurance policy that will protect your interests as a farmer.  With their long history, Fremont Insurance is one of the best choices for covering your farming operation.

All of the insurance products sold by Fremont Insurance were created with their knowledge of the needs of Michigan residents in mind.  They are tailored to the specific issues, concerns and coverage requirements of people living and working in Michigan.  They are also all backed by the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has made Fremont Insurance a top choice in the state of Michigan for many years.  They continue to strive to improve their service and provide even more value in tough economic times.

You can find a Fremont Insurance agent in any county in Michigan, guaranteeing that you will find one that is close to you.  Their website offers and easy to use agent search which will allow you to quickly locate the agent nearest you.  Fremont Insurance has a careful selection system for their independant agents that is designed to make certain you can trust your agent with the important task of protecting your family, your livelihood and your personal property as well.

Fremont Insurance can be contacted either via a local agent, via their website or their toll free number, and they are always happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction to obtain the coverage you are seeking.

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