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All About Gateway Homeschool

All About Gateway Homeschool

More and more parents are opting to keep their children out of public schools, for a variety of personal reasons, and turning towards homeschool programs. The Gateway homeschool program has been developed with the full needs of a school-age child and family in mind. A faith-based program, the Gateway programs work to ensure that the children are left with a solid grasp of the basic curriculum as well as much more advanced subjects that are infinitely easier for a child in a low ratio classroom setting to take on.

Understanding Gateway

With a philosophy that leans towards encouraging parents to become fully interactive teachers and guides on the path to their children’s excellent education, Gateway homeschool offers freedom from administrative and school district red tape. While Gateway certainly does have guidelines and policies that they request parents and children follow, Gateway also recognizes that each home setting is different. They offer parent-teachers the ability to manage their own home-school with as much structure, freedom, or flexibility as will work for their individual home setting.

The Parent-Teacher

Gateway homeschool, like most homeschooling programs, allows parents to take on the role of the teacher who will be responsible for the educational success of their own children. While children will not face the same type of structure and social interaction that they would face attending a public or private school, it does not mean that their homeschooling should offer anything less than the structure that they need in order to focus on and gain a firm understanding of the materials that they are covering.

Adequate social interaction is a must for the majority of children so it will be up to the parents to seek out social events that can allow their kids to make friends and learn the valuable socializing skills that no amount of homework can teach them.

It will be up to the parents to ensure that not only do their children keep up with the materials that are appropriate for their age and grade level, but that they can also pass exams and advance within a reasonable amount of time. Understanding State and Federal laws as are applicable to successful homeschooling will also help to ensure that all runs smoothly.

What Sets Gateway Apart

The Gateway homeschool programs are recognizable as one of the best faith-based homeschooling programs available. Not only do they help to provide the highest quality in educational materials that will help children reach their educational goals, but they also provide a full support system for parent-teachers. It can often prove to be a bit of a challenge for parents to step out of the comfortable zone of being a loving parent and into the unfamiliar zone of being a caring teacher. Gateway understands the challenges that can be presented to both parents and their children; they work with parents and children in order to help them to overcome any struggles that they may be facing.

If you are interested in finding out if homeschooling is the best option for your family, consider a faith-based program like that offered by the Gateway homeschool system.

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