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All About Helping Hands Car Donation

All About Helping Hands Car Donation

Are you interested in donating your car in lieu of selling it to the highest bidder? Consider donating your vehicle to Helping Hands car donation program; this well run charitable organization has been accepting donated vehicles for many years and been using all of their raised funds to help a variety of worthy charities, including the Meals On Wheels program and the ALS Association.

Why Donate To Helping Hands

The recession has hit every person and business hard – charities are also suffering at the hands of the current economic decline. Not only are people donating less to charities but federal funding cuts have also meant that there is much less in the way of much needed government assistance.

When you donate your car to Helping Hands car donation program you can rest assured that the funds that are raised from the sale of your charitable donation will be put to good use. The donated cars that are then sold are sold at retail prices and not at auctions or on wholesale – this means that the professionals who are tasked with selling your donated vehicles will be able to get the best offer for the cars. Keep in mind that the more your car sells for, the larger your tax deduction is, and the more money the charitable organizations get to continue their good work. You are very likely to be able to get a larger deduction on your car than you have been able to get for it selling it or trading it in.

Helping Hands makes it incredibly easy for those looking to donate to do their donating! They will come to you and pick your donation up – at no charge to you.

How It Can Benefit You

While we should all certainly donate to charities out of the goodness of our hearts, it can prove to be a good incentive for a car owner to donate his car if there are several great benefits to go along with the donation.

If your car is damaged or is in need of repairs, you may find it difficult to sell it or use it as a trade-in for a newer vehicle. Helping Hands car donation program, however, will accept your vehicle in any condition; and, with the team of expert car sales persons, they will be able to sell your car for the absolute top dollar.

Selling your car for the absolute top dollar puts more money into your pocket come tax return time as all donations made to this charity are 100% tax deductible. Not only that, but you will be able to avoid the need to spend money fixing up your car, advertising it for sale, and you can also avoid the hassle of meeting with people who may be interested in purchasing your car. If you have ever tried to sell a car on your own then you are well aware of the no-shows and how frustrating that can prove to be.

Keep in mind that Helping Hands does not just accept only cars for donation – they also accept donations of real estate, jewelry, pieces of art, and also equipment. So, beyond the Helping Hands car donation program, think about how else you can help out this worthy charity.

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