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All About Idec Relays

All About Idec Relays

Idec relays come in a wide variety of types to suit many different needs. Idec, a company that has pioneered LED technology and was the first to build an entire office building lit entirely in energy saving LED, is a trusted provider of relays for multiple applications.

Idec relays, like all relays, are electrically controlled switches. They use a low power signal to control circuits. Many relays are powered electromagnetically, but there are other types as well. The concept of the relay has been in use for a long time, in fact telegraphs used an early form of relay to transmit a signal.

Idec relays are available in all the main types of relays. There are three separate series of latching relays, which are excellent power saving relays because they consume energy only briefly as they are being switched. Idec relays are also available as forced-guided relays, which are also known as safety relays. All of the relay contacts in this type of relay are connected, so that they will move together when the switch is activated.

General purpose Idec relays come in a variety of types. There are separate series in the Idec product line that fall into this category from the space-saving RJ series relays to the RR series traditional power relays. These relays can serve a wide variety of purposes across many applications, and the variety available makes Idec relays an ideal choice for those seeking general relays.

Solid state Idec relays are available in DIN mount and panel mount styles. A solid state relay is so called because it does not have any parts that move, meaning it is less likely to malfunction or break, and is more reliable over the long term. Idec also offers two series of PCB relays.

Idec relays are used in everything from modems to car starters, and there are many other uses for this powerful and yet relatively simple electronic part. The control of circuit breakers by way of a relay is yet another area in which Idec relays are helpful.

Idec relays are considered to be some of the best in the industry, and the company is committed to a high level of quality in every relay they manufacture. This attention to detail makes Idec relays a popular choice in all areas of manufacturing where relays are required. Idec also manufactures the sockets and timers that work with the relays to ensure maximum performance.

The wide range of Idec relays available across the Idec product line means there is a precision-manufactured, high quality Idec relay for every need. They can be counted on to be consistently reliable and provide long-term durability to function properly across the lifetime of the components into with they are installed. Each series of Idec relays serves a different purpose; the right relay for any switching need can be easily located.

The company is also committed to staying current and ensuring that the technology behind Idec relays continues to grow, improve, and meet the needs of an increasingly technological world.

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