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All About IFA Insurance

All About IFA Insurance

Drivers living in New Jersey and Philadelphia and looking for an affordable car insurance plan that offers sufficient coverage should consider IFA Insurance. Their dedication to convenience, discounts for safer drivers and long-established customer history make them a worthy investment when it comes to the safety of your car and your finances.

IFA History & Philosophy

The IFA Insurance Company was founded more than 35 years ago to serve the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. 35 years old is considered quite old and well established for an American auto insurance company, and the fact that IFA insurance has been around for so long means that it understands the way changes affect American drivers. Laws, politics and the economy all change the way drivers and insurance companies interact, and IFA has seen all of these changes.

IFA Insurance believes that “good drivers deserve a break,” and their policy is to provide top-notch customer service in a convenient way while still offering a high quality auto insurance service. Their philosophy is also devoted to ease and simplicity. They offer almost all of their services online, and on their website, you can get a quote, look up past quotes and even purchase an insurance plan. These online tools at the IFA Insurance website also allow you to check on your policy, change it or make payments on it. IFA Insurance also has independent agents operating all over the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, so you can always find someone to speak to in person.

For increase ease and simplicity, IFA insurance assigns a policy number to each IFA insurance policy, so that whether you call IFA insurance, visit their website or speak to an agent, they can quickly and easily find all the information they need to help you.

Purchasing an IFA Insurance Plan

IFA Insurance plans have many components that all work together to ensure the best coverage. The “Name Insured” is technically the person who is covered by the IFA Insurance, but an IFA insurance plan can cover multiple people, including other family members who live in the household and a child living away for university who plans to return and use the vehicle. The specific terms of your policy affect who may be covered. You can see how long you will be covered by your IFA Insurance by looking at the “Effective Dates,” and as long as you remain eligible and make payments, it renews automatically.

Other information your IFA Insurance policy requires is your vehicle’s trade name, model, body type, vehicle identification number and model year. You will have to choose your liability class or usage, which tells IFA Insurance how you use the vehicle. Categories here include pleasure/occasional use, work/school, business, and farm. Your IFA Insurance policy will also consider your vehicle’s physical damage classification and the number of DMV violations on your driving record.

IFA Insurance Coverage & Discounts

Depending on your policy, IFA Insurance may cover one or all of these. Liability is for injuries and losses to people who are not you that are caused by your car, including funeral costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. Property damage liability protects you from paying your own legal costs and to repair any property damage your car caused. There is a separate coverage for medical payments for you or passengers in your car.

One very important type of coverage is uninsured motorist insurance, which helps you out if the person you get into an accident with does not have enough insurance to cover your losses. Collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle, and comprehensive coverage pays for damages not caused by a collision, including fire, flooding and hail as well as animal contact, vandalism and theft. Other types of coverage offered by IFA insurance are towing, rental reimbursement and personal injury protection.

To receive all of this great protection, the cost for an IFA Insurance plan may seem high. However, you may be eligible for a discount based on any number of factors. A driver between the ages of fifty and sixty five can get a “mature driver discount,” and long time IFA Insurance customers also get discounts. Younger drivers can become eligible for a discount by getting good grades or taking a defensive driving course approved by IFA Insurance.

Features of your car also affect how much you pay on your IFA Insurance policy. Cars not considered “sports cars” have less expensive policies, and you may also get a discount if your car has enhanced safety features like automatic seatbelts and side air bags, or if it has an IFA Insurance approved anti theft system.

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