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All About Jenn Air Gas Grills

All About Jenn Air Gas Grills

It just wouldn’t be summer without the familiar sounds of lawnmowers and sprinklers, the smell of swimming pool chlorine intermingled with blooming jasmine, and of course the smell of burgers grilling. Jenn Air gas grills are a great way to kick off your summer with an easy-to-use and affordable-to-operate grill.

Built-Ins vs. Stand Alone

If you are planning on building a new outdoor cooking and entertaining area then you may want to consider putting a built-in grill into your new space. Jenn Air gas grills offer high quality stainless steel ranges that can be built into an outdoor kitchen space and can provide you with the elegant outdoor cooking and entertaining space that you are looking for.

If, on the other hand, a built-in grill doesn’t fit in with your current backyard lifestyle or is just simply not an option for you, consider opting for a stand-alone stainless steel grill. With attached wheels that make it a snap to relocate the grill to another part of your patio, or to move indoors for storage during the winter months, a Jenn Air stand-alone grill is a great addition to your patio.

The stainless steels ranges don’t just offer a quick, healthy, and easy way to prepare outdoor meals, but they are very resistant to the various weather elements that they will face being outdoors. Pick out a Jenn Air cover for your new Jenn Air gas grill and provide it with a little bit more protection from the weather.

The Right Jenn Air Gas Grill For You

Picking out the perfect grill for your outdoor cooking needs can be a little bit overwhelming, especially when you are faced with several really great options. In order to select the right gas grill for your needs you should consider how often you will be using the grill as well as the number of people that you plan on cooking for at one point in time.

While Jenn Air gas grills are large and ready to provide you with a good amount of surface cooking area, there are definitely a few differing size options. If you will be primarily cooking for your family and the occasional BBQ guests, then one of the smaller sized grill options will be ideal for your needs. However, if you are a social butterfly and often find that you are host to dozens of guests, then the largest gas grill might just be the best option for you.

Jenn Air gas grills also offer outdoor chefs a large prep space that provides a convenient space during the prepping and cooking of meals. With warming drawers that help to keep dinner warm until you’re ready, and to serve as additional storage space, this roomy stainless steel gas grill is sure to please even the pickiest of outdoor gourmets.

In order to keep your Jenn Air gas grill in tip-top working shape you should be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the care of your grill. Remember, also, to clean your grill after every use. Not only is this a good practice to ensure the safety of the food that you eat but it can also keep the risk of grease-caused fires at a minimum.

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