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All About King Sauna

All About King Sauna

King Sauna is the alternate name used to describe King Spa & Sauna, which offers a lot more than the name suggests.  There are three locations using the name, King Spa and Sauna in New Jersey, and two locations of King Spa and Sauna in Dallas and Chicago.  The Chicago and Dallas locations of King Sauna share a website, indicating they are connected, while the King Sauna location in New Jersey appears to be independently owned.  As the logo is the same for all locations and much of the services and food menu is the same, it does appear that they are connected.  All three King Sauna locations are large facilities offering a wide range of services and spa treatments.

King Sauna in New Jersey offers a full fitness center that allows you to enjoy a workout before you step into the soothing spa and sauna environment.  There are several separate areas for both men and women to use, featuring luxurious saunas, hot tubs and whirlpools and many relaxing lounge areas.  Some areas are segregated by gender while others are co-ed.  Korean owned King Sauna in New Jersey offers a full menu of traditional Korean food for you to enjoy after you are done working out and relaxing.

The two locations of King Sauna in Chicago and Dallas are similar facilities.  Unlike the New Jersey version, there are no fitness facilities in either location as they are dedicated spa and sauna locations.  These are places designed to provide a healing environment where members can relax and rejuvenate.  There are a large number of treatments to choose from and many spa and sauna rooms where you can seek the right sort of experience for you.  From hot to cold tubs, herbal soaks and treatments and of course saunas, to the food court where you can refuel your body, a day spent at King Sauna is a truly enjoyable experience.

King Sauna locations offer a variety of choices for membership.  You can enjoy the spa and sauna facilities on a drop in basis, or you can purchases a monthly membership.  An admission fee is charged, unless you have a membership, and there are fees for certain treatments such as body scrubs or massage.  No tip is expected for the services beyond the fee, so you can relax and not worry about calculating a tip in your head!  There are several coupons available that can reduce the cost of the entrance fee, allowing new visitors to check out the location without making a large monetary commmitment.

King Sauna is dedicated to holistic health and treatment, bringing back a state of balance and relaxation to the body.  After a long hard day, King Sauna locations are the perfect place to get rid of the stress of the day and seek rejuvenation.  All of the staff are fully trained and the facilities and treatments designed to make sure that your experience is always an enjoyable one.  A new and luxurious twist on the day spa, King Sauna is sure to be a popular place for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

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