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All About Knapp Shoes

All About Knapp Shoes

The Knapp Brothers Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded by Ewin Knapp and Clarence Knapp in 1921. By 1985, they were selling over 120 styles of Knapp Shoes through their Knapp Shoes Catalog and were the largest direct selling company in the world. The Iron Age Corporation acquired Knapp Shoes in 1995, but sadly filed for bankruptcy in 2007, threatening to end the almost century-long legacy of Knapp Shoes.

Fortunately, one intrepid Knapp Shoe Counselor, Avram Grossman, was a web developer who had grown up loving Knapp Shoes. His father, Lou Grossman, sold Knapp Shoe products at service stations, auto dealerships and garages all over Los Angeles, California for almost fifty years. Avran Grossman grew up wearing Knapp Shoes and witnessing his father’s devotion to the company.

When Iron Age Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2007, Avram Grossman resolved to keep Knapp Shoes alive. He gathered a small team of Knapp Shoe employees and sales counselors, built a website, and set out to revive the brand. Now, his online store, knappshoes.com, sells dozens of the high quality Knapp Shoes the brand has been known for since the 1920s, and continues to bring in new customers and delight long-term ones who were saddened to see their favorite brand on the verge of disappearing.

Knapp Shoes Construction & Features

All Knapp Shoes are made in America using the same Knapp tooling that was used to make the first pair in 1921, but thanks to improvements in technology and availability, Knapp Shoes are made with better quality materials than they were before. Styles of Knapp Shoes are produced in the most cost effective manner possible – in small batches to fill pending orders and pre-orders.

Knapp Shoes are, first and foremost, work shoes. They are trusted by mechanics, factory workers, food service workers and those who work outdoors or participate in demanding outdoor sports and leisure activities. Knapp Shoes knows this, and constructs durable, tough footwear for men and women who need trustworthy shoes. Knapp Shoes have “Grabbers” soles, which are slip resistant to help those who work in the food service industry or anywhere else that puts workers at risks for slipping and falling. Grabbers, on the outside, are tough and protective in slipper conditions and on the inside are extra-cushioned for comfort.

Knapp Shoes meet the certification requirements for protective footwear for the US Postal Service, the Department of Navy and the Textile Research Facility. They are resistant to impact, puncture and slippage and their soles do not leave marks. Knapp Shoes also provide metatarsal protection and protect the wearer from blood borne pathogens and electrical shocks and hazards.

Buying Your Pair of Knapp Shoes

Because of the unique position the Knapp Shoes brand has found itself in, Knapp Shoes can currently only be ordered online. This makes it somewhat difficult to ensure that you get the correct size. If you have questions, you can call or email the Knapp Store and they will help you find the correct measurements. When you get your Knapp Shoes, it is recommended that you first try them out on a carpeted surface, so that if they do not fit, you can return them for credit or exchange them for a new pair of shoes. If the shoes are worn, however, they cannot be returned.

To find the Knapp Shoes that are perfect for you, visit the Knapp Store online and use the menus on the left hand side to narrow down your choices by style number or brand, toe type, style type and attributes. Then, you can look at all of the Knapp Shoes that fit your criteria and choose the pair of Knapp Shoes that you would like. Some are waterproof, some come in multiple colors, and there are many styles to choose from, including boots, mid-high tops, oxfords, and wing tips. Knapp Shoes also sells socks and shoe care products.

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