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All About Lauren Hutton Makeup

All About Lauren Hutton Makeup

Lauren Hutton is best known as a fashion model and actress who started her career in the 1960’s. She is famous for small differences such as the gap between her teeth, usually considered flaws in models. Hutton has always been proud of her “flaws” and refused to do anything to change them, and her face is highly recognizable because of this. In her late 50’s she launched Lauren Hutton Makeup, a line intended for use by older women.

In her career as a model and actress, Hutton had plenty of opportunities to try just about every brand of makeup around. As she aged, she discovered that even the best cosmetics in the industry were designed for young skin, and thus didn’t work well on aging skin. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and created her own line of cosmetics. Lauren Hutton Makeup is designed specifically for the needs of older skin, and Hutton herself was deeply involved in its creation.

Lauren Hutton Makeup addresses the needs of aging skin such as wrinkles, dryness, uneven color and lack of elasticity. Some of the problems women over 40 face when applying makeup is that it tends to sink into wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, and make them even more pronounced. Hutton’s makeup also promises to provide color palettes and tones that are appropriate for older women, unlike the saturated colors and glitter that is common to many eye shadows and other cosmetics.

In addition to the cosmetics themselves, the Lauren Hutton Makeup line provides brushes and all of the needed tools for proper application. Hutton has created color palettes that work together and make it easy for even women with no cosmetic expertise to create the face they are seeking. The line is divided into products for four basic skin tones: pink, yellow, olive and brown. The Lauren Hutton Makeup website offers assistance in determining your skin tone.

The Naturals Product Line

In 2009, Lauren Hutton Makeup launched a new product line called Naturals by Lauren Hutton. This new all-natural line also includes a complex designed to slow aging and keep the skin looking younger. The colors in the Naturals line are plant-based and all-natural, providing a healthy alternative to the chemicals found in many commercial cosmetics.

In addition to the cosmetics and brushes, Lauren Hutton also sells a skin care line that promises to be an old family secret and will reverse the signs of aging. The makeup line and skin care lines are all sold through the makeup company’s website, as well as through the Home Shopping Network and various other online locations.

The Goal of the Makeup

The goal of the creation of Lauren Hutton Makeup is to provide women over 40 with an alternative to the cosmetics industry’s youth-focused products. The makeup line is aimed mainly at this market, and does very well with its target audience. Hutton’s message to the women who purchase her line is that her products are not intended to hide their age, but rather enhance the beauty that exists in a mature face. She created the makeup herself, spending hours mixing and testing different products until she reached a point where she herself was satisfied with the results.

Where traditional makeup would make wrinkles stand out, Lauren Hutton makeup doesn’t try to hide them but neither does it make them worse. Hutton has always been an advocate of the beauty of older women, and even posed nude at the age of 61, saying that she wanted all aging women to know that they are still beautiful and should not be ashamed of their bodies as they grow older.

With Lauren Hutton Makeup sales going strong, it is likely that the future will hold more for the model and actress and her company. She continues to expand her line and offer new options such as the eco-friendly Naturals products, and believes firmly in her mission to make older women look and feel their best. Hutton plans to continue to expand the Naturals line in the future.

Lauren Hutton Makeup is the only major makeup line aimed solely at aging women, and is influencing other cosmetics companies to bear in mind that simply because women age does not mean they don’t care about their appearance, and more products aimed at this audience are now appearing.

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