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All About Leer Truck Caps

All About Leer Truck Caps

Leer truck caps are among the best known in the market, for creating a wide variety of high quality truck caps, covers and other types of shells. The Leer name is one of the biggest in truck caps for good reason. The company has been manufacturing some of the best truck caps around since the 1960’s, and Leer truck caps continue to be the number one choice for truck owners.

Leer truck caps, also sometimes called shells, are designed to fit snugly over the bed of a truck, allowing the transport of the contents within to be secure and safe from the weather. Truck owners select a truck over the other option, an SUV for ruggedness, performance and versatility. Leer truck caps offer a new level of versatility, giving the truck one of the features of an SUV – covered cargo space – that can be easily removed when something larger needs to be placed in the truck bed.

Originally, Leer truck caps were built of metal and wood, usually aluminum. But wood can rot and metal can rust, and it became clear that a better material was needed. Leer truck caps were soon being manufactured out of fiberglass. The material is light, weather resistant, and can be easily used to form whatever shape or size truck cap needed. Today Leer truck caps made of fiberglass continue to be the number one selection.

Leer truck caps can be manufactured to fit any truck, either long or short bed, and painted to perfectly match your truck’s color, thus appearing to be a part of the original truck itself. Today’s Leer truck caps are more aerodynamic than ever before as well, allowing for less wind resistance and this better gas mileage.

In addition to truck caps, Leer also manufactures truck covers, also known as tonneaus, which cover the truck bed flush with the bed’s height. These are a popular choice for those who either don’t like the look of the truck cap or don’t need that much space. Leer truck caps provide a great deal more cargo area that tonneaus but do take up more space and change the look of the truck.

Leer truck caps are available across the United States and in Canada from a large number of retailers, and the company continues to grow. As trucks have become more popular with the average person and not just the choice of farmers and cowboys, the truck cap has become more popular and even more useful. With trucks used as family vehicles, space for all the family’s gear that is protected from the elements has become necessary, and Leer truck caps provide just that.

With a line of attractive, easy to install and easy to remove products, Leer truck caps are likely to remain the number one choice of consumers. Adding a truck cap to your vehicle is easy, and makes your truck even more useful and a better, more versatile tool for all of your needs, and a Leer truck cap is an excellent choice.

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