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All About Martex Towels

All About Martex Towels

If you are looking to buy a new set of luxuriously soft and absorbent towels for your home consider straying from buying the cheapest towels on sale at your nearest big box retailer and shift your focus into purchasing a set of Martex towels.

Atellier Martex Towels

For the ultimate in luxury, these silky soft towels offer a durable absorbency that can make you feel like you are pampering yourself right in your very own bathroom. Available in several generously large sizes and in more than fifteen wonderful colors, you are sure to find that these towels make a great addition to your bathroom.

To ensure that you always have clean towels on hand be sure to pick up more than just one set, a good rule of thumb is to have two bath towels per person so that you can always have a clean towel on hand – even on laundry day. Consider having several sets of hand towels for your bathroom so that you can avoid the need to run them through the washing machine every other day – especially if you have small children with hands that are washed on a very frequent basis throughout the day.

Martex Egyptian Cotton Towels

Well known for its softness and high quality appearance, the Egyptian cotton towels offered by Martex are available in several great sizes and with a wide variety of colors, you are sure to find a set that will ideally suit the current theme and décor of your home’s bathrooms. These 100% Egyptian cotton towels are distinctive with their three striped border that can help to add just a little bit more luxury to your bathroom.

Gift Giving Ideas

If you are looking for the ideal housewarming or wedding gift for a friend or family member consider gifting them with a set of luxurious Martex towels in their favorite colors. A set of oversized bath towels with matching hand towels and even face towels are sure to be a smash hit with those you are giving the gift to; everyone loves a set of soft and fluffy towels!

Consider arranging the towels in an attractive gift basket complete with elegant ribbon bundling the towels together; a collection of soaps and other bathroom odds and ends can help to complete the gift basket.

Where To Buy

There are many retailers who offer a wide range of Martex towels, including online retail giant Amazon.com and warehouse stores likes Costco. Keep in mind that different retailers may offer you a range of colors and pricing options so be sure to do a bit of shopping around in order to find the exact towels that you are looking for.

Indulge yourself with at least one new set of Martex towels for each of the bathrooms in your home; after all, can you really have too many towels in your home? Don’t forget to pick up a matching set of bath rugs so that your entire bathroom can be beautifully coordinated with the luxury and comfort that you are not just looking for but that you deserve!

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