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All About Master Massage Tables

All About Master Massage Tables

For anyone who plans to provide mobile or on-site massage services, a Master massage table is a good investment. Massage tables need to be secure, comfortable and provide an overall relaxing experience for any massage client. Master massage tables are designed to provide both a strong, steady base and a comfortable padded top so that massage patients will feel stable as well as comfortable during their massage.

Master massage tables are designed for all types of massage environments, from spas to physical therapy. In addition to massage tables, Master also makes massage chairs and other accessories. Master massage tables are built with the highest quality parts including stronger hinges, non-flammable foam, furniture-quality construction on all frames and durable, non-PVC upholstery that won’t break down with the use of massage oils.

Master massage tables also use solid hardwood legs with non-skid rubber bottoms that will keep the table secure and ensure no marks appear on the floor. The legs are attached using stabilizer bars that ensure they don’t slip or move while a client is on the table.

Master massage tables provide supplies to massage schools as well as to spas and to independent massage therapists working from home or in a mobile business. They are considered one of the best in the industry and Master massage tables are a trusted choice for both new and experienced massage therapists as well as physical therapists.

Master massage tables can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer as well as popular massage table retailers online. They are guaranteed to last, and you can register your warranty information right on the website. Master massage tables are top quality tables that will last for many years and provide a comfortable experience for the client while also make work pleasant for the massage therapist. They are a good investment in your massage career.

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