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All About Military Tires

All About Military Tires

Military tires are a type of specialty tire that are designed for use on a wide variety of military vehicles.  You can purchase military tires for vintage military vehicles as well as for more modern models.  Military tires can be used on aprivate use vehicles that are either military style or similar, such as trucks and Jeeps.  

Vintage military tires fall into two main categories.  These are the pre World War Two military tires that are designed for vintage military vehicles from before the second world war, and posr World War Two military tires.  These are non-directional tires that are specially made to fit the older military vehicles that are likely only used today for display purposes or in parades.  They perfectly recreate the look of the original tires on these vehicles and will fit into any restored vehicle.

There are plenty of other types of military tires that are intended for more vigorous use.  For use on all terrain vehicles such as trucks and other similar types, run flat tires are the perfect choice.  These are also popular on armored vehicles and a wide variety of other types of military and military inspired vehicles.  They are durable, powerful and can handle the toughest terrain.  They are also the perfect look for military vehicles with their rugged appearance.

Military tires also have many other uses, including on 4×4 vehicles which require a type of tire that offers better clearance, and general use tires for a wide variety of vehicles from SUV’s to dump trucks, cranes and other construction vehicles.  They may have military in the name, but their use is far from limited to military vehicles.

Purchasing military tires locally can be a little difficult.  Your local tire shop is unlikely to carry them, as they are not the most popular or best selling tires on the market.  Because they are created for a more specific niche, you will find that these specialty tires are found only at specialty retailers.  If you live in a large city, you should be able to find a tire sepcialist who either carries military tires or who is willing to order them in for you to purchase.  If not, you might need to turn to the internet for your needs.

Remember that military tires are large and heavy and the cost of shipping them can be very high.  When shopping online, try to find a site offering free shipping, or ensure that the price is reasonable enough that the shipping cost does not making buying the tires much more expensive than they should be.  If you can’t find them locally, you may have no choice but to pay the shipping rates online in order to get the tires you need.

When ordering military tires, be sure to measure carefully in order to get the right size tires for your vehicle.  You don’t want to have to ship them back at your own expense, as this could be very expensive.  Choose correctly the first time to avoid this problem.

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