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All About Oh Yeah Protein Bars

All About Oh Yeah Protein Bars

Since its debut in 2004, the OhYeah! brand—owned by ISS Research—has developed a line of nutritional and wellness products, which includes powders, shakes, wafer snacks and protein bars. All of OhYeah!’s products are designed to provide great taste and nutritional value to consumers, from the seasoned athlete to the fitness newcomer. No matter which category you fall under, Oh Yeah Protein Bars are a great way to begin your wellness journey. As one of ISS Research’s most popular products, these portable protein packers are available in many varieties to suit everyone’s fitness needs.  

Original Bars

The original line of Oh Yeah Protein Bars combines the nutritional benefits of a high protein supplement with the pleasure of a sweet-tasting treat. Although Original Bars contain up to 30 grams of protein per bar and are low in sugar, they are available in seven flavors like Almond Fudge & Brownie and Cookie Caramel Crunch. Who knew that diving into a health food could feel like indulging in your favorite pint of ice cream?

Natural Bars

To complement the Original Protein Bar, OhYeah! added a line of Natural Bars, which takes customers back to the wholesome basics of good food. However, wholesome does not have to mean drab. With flavors like Honey & Oats and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Natural Bars ensure that customers will not have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition. This take on Oh Yeah Protein Bars not only treats customer’s taste buds, but also treats their bodies to an excellent source of fiber and up to 15 grams of protein per serving.

Good Grab Bars

Portion control is the name of Good Grab’s game. These smaller, quick-bite versions of the Original Oh Yeah Protein Bars offer on-the-go customers a smart snacking option. A Good Grab, which is available in five of the Original Bar’s flavors, packs the same punch as its big daddy, while providing the consumer with only 190 calories and 15 grams of protein. To accompany the Good Grab Bar, OhYeah! created a line of 8-ounce protein milkshakes called Good Grab Shakes. These shakes are ready-to-drink and offer 18 grams of protein per container.

Protein Wafers

In a break from the traditional protein bar, OhYeah! has created the Protein Wafer, which layers wafer snacks with a decadent crème filling and wraps them in a coating of milk chocolate. Despite the sumptuous description and flavors like Chocolate Chocolate and Chocolate Mint, customers can enjoy 14 grams of protein in any of the six varieties. 

Oh Yeah Protein Bar Pricing & Availability

The official website of OhYeah! Nutrition sells boxes of 12 Original Bars at a cost of $40.72 per box. Good Grab Bars are also sold in boxes of 12 for $25.22 each, while Natural Bars are sold in boxes of nine for $16.65 per box. Protein Wafers are available in boxes of nine for $18.81 each. Oh Yeah Protein Bars can also be purchased from other online retailers such as GNC, Amazon and Supplement Warehouse—often at discounted prices. All price listings are in USD, and are minus any applicable taxes and shipping costs.

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