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All About Peacock Pearls

All About Peacock Pearls

Pearls have long been an emblem of class and style, elegance and beauty. While diamonds communicate extravagance and flash, pearls communicate simple elegance and refined dignity. The most well-known type of pearls are the classic off-white ones, spheres of creamy color and smooth texture. Other tones of pearl have become more popular in recent years. Though these pearls retain the same creamy appearance typical to pearls, they may have gold or rose hues. Some pearls are even black, and it is some of these pearls that wind up becoming peacock pearls.

The color of a pearl is caused by multiple factors, including the type of oyster, the number of layers that form the pearl, and to some degree, the oyster’s environment. Companies that manufacture pearls can also affect the color of the pearl by a process that, in a sense, combines multiple oysters together to produce one pearl.

Peacock pearls are a special type of black pearl. Instead of just appearing black, these pearls reflect the light around them to form multiple jewel tones, shades of green and purple within the black, making them look much like a peacock’s tail, which is where they get their name. These lovely pearls generally appear dark, but as you look at them, you can see that each one has a slightly different shade or tone to them than the others. Placing many of these pearls together in a string or necklace causes a look that has both unity and diversity, as the base color of each pearl is the same, but each one reflects a slightly different shade.

You can purchase peacock pearls in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings. The most beautiful designs are ones that incorporate multiple pearls togehter in one piece, allowing the multiple colors to shine on display. You can wear them to accentuate an elegant look or to dress up a more casual ensemble.

Another option is to purchase peacock pearls for jewelry making purposes. You can make your own necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry pieces. This gives you full control over the end look of the piece. If you want to put the pearls spread out on a single-color strand, you can do so. This sort of jewelry has a modern look with a classic twist. You can also incorporate them with other pearls or glass beads to highlight the colors of the peacock pearls. For instance, alternating these pearls with glass beads of coordinating colors will help showcase the irridescent shades that shine through from the peacock pearls. These freshwater pearls can be found in many different shapes. Round pearls are the most classic, traditional look, but you can also find them in longer, more rectangular or oval shapes for a fun twist.

Peacock pearls are a lovely addition to any woman’s jewelry collection, bringing the classic elegance of pearls while also adding an edgy, unique, colorful look to the ensemble. Wearing these pearls shows that you appreciate the finer things in life and yet still retain your own individuality, celebrating your own tastes and likes.

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