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All about Pedicure Bowls

All about Pedicure Bowls

When women—or men—head to the spa or salon for a pedicure they are usually doing so as a treat to themselves. After all, while there are certainly a few instances when a pedicure would be a medical necessity, most pedicures are simply a way to relax and have your feet tended to by a professional. Part of the pedicure experience—one of the most enjoyable parts of the pedicure, according to most customers—is the soaking of the feet both prior to, during and after the treatment, and it is for this part of the encounter that professionals utilize a tub called a pedicure bowl.

But first…

What is a Pedicure?

The word pedicure comes from the Latin pedis, which means having to do with the feet, and cura, meaning to care for. Much like a manicure is a treatment for the hands and fingernails, a pedicure is a treatment for the foot and the nails of the toes. A traditional pedicure is one in which the nails are clipped and then shaped by a file and the dead skin is removed from the foot and the soles of the feet using a pumice stone. These treatments are especially popular with women and usually include nail polish and/or designs on the toenails as a finishing touch.

Pedicures are largely performed for cosmetic reasons, although they can be very instrumental in the prevention of nail diseases and disorders of the feet.

Most pedicures are performed by licensed professionals who have taken and passed a course in the treatment of fingernails and toenails, and these professionals tend to work in salons and spas which cater primarily to women.

What is a Pedicure Bowl?

A pedicure bowl is one of the tools used by pedicurists. Put simply, they are watertight vessels that tend to be shaped like a “bowl” and are large enough to accommodate a foot and the water or cleaning solution used by the professional. Naturally, these bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes to house various sizes of feet.

From that description alone, you could assume that these bowls could really be any large, maybe even plastic, container which holds water, and while technically you’d be correct, you need to keep in mind that the pedicure is a “treat,” and half the fun of that treat is the visual part of the experience. Pedicure bowls are made using a wide variety of materials including composite resins and ceramic, and are usually marked with an elegant design of some sort. This seems to enhance the wonderful feeling that can only come from spoiling yourself with a pleasurable, albeit unnecessary procedure.

Pedicure bowls usually come complete with a carrying case as well, which is an essential accessory for those professionals who travel, and for those who perform pedicures in their customers’ homes.

If you’re in the market for a pedicure bowl, keep in mind that there are a variety of terms that are commonly used interchangeably to describe the same apparatus. Pedicure tubs, pedicure sinks, and detoxifying tubs are all pretty much the same thing, so if you’re having a difficult time searching exclusively for “pedicure bowls,” you may want to try some of the other commonly used terms.

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