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All About Peekapoo Puppies

All About Peekapoo Puppies

The result of crossbreeding between a purebred Poodle and a purebred Pekinese, Peekapoo puppies are a popular choice amongst dog lovers who are looking to add a small dog to their family. While not as well known or as popular as large crossbreeds like the Cockapoo or Labradoodles, Peekapoos have still managed to gain a large and loyal following.

Physical Attributes

As with all crossbred dogs, it can prove to be difficult to predict the physical appearance of Peekapoo puppies; they may inherit a range of features from their parents. The same holds true for the coloring, length, and texture of their coats. Poodles and Pekinese dogs are not known for being heavy shedders like many other breeds are so you may find that Peekapoo puppies make an ideal addition to a household that is looking for a low shedding dog that is also likely to be friendly towards people who are allergic to dogs or have asthma. Poodles are well known for being low allergen dogs.

A trip to the groomer every six to eight weeks can help to keep your Peekapoo’s coat healthy and looking at its best. If your dog does not get the opportunity to walk on surfaces that will naturally file down his nails, concrete for example, then your groomer will need to clip his nails in order to keep him comfortable while walking.

As adults, peekapoo puppies can weigh between 5 and 15 pounds – which still categorizes them as a small dog that is suitable for cuddling in the nearest lap.

Peekapoo Puppies – What To Expect

Like the majority of puppies, Peekapoo puppies need a fair amount of attention and care in order to ensure that they grow up to be well adjusted dogs with good manners. To accomplish this, owners need to do a bit of research into effective housetraining methods and also consider enrolling in puppy obedience classes.

Just as it can be difficult to predict which physical attributes a Peekapoo puppy will inherit from its purebred parents, it can prove to be difficult to predict which behavioral traits a puppy will inherit. Known for their territorial behavior, Pekinese dogs tend to be fiercely loyal and affectionate to their family while taking a fair amount of time to warm up to strangers. On the flip side of this, Poodles tend to be a lot more outgoing and friendly. You can expect your puppy to be somewhat shy around strangers so you consider adding puppy socialization classes to your routine in an effort to encourage your puppy to be friendlier with people and other dogs that he doesn’t know.

A loyal and affectionate companion with a lifespan of between twelve and fifteen years, Peekapoo puppies are as adorable as they are wonderful.

If you are looking to add one or more Peekapoo puppies to your family consider reaching out to your area Peekapoo rescue groups; not only can it prove to be an incredibly rewarding experience to adopt a rescued dog, but if you adopt an older dog then you may just be lucky enough to avoid the trials of housetraining.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Olson.