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All About Peerless Tires

All About Peerless Tires

Peerless Tires is a supplier of wheels and tires that began in the town of Globeville, Colorado.  The company was founded in 1949, and eventually moved to Westminster, Colorado, where they still maintain a location to this day.  By 1966 the company had grown to have 38 locations and was selling thousands of tires.  Peerless Tires had also become a distributor for Uniroyal’s Peerless tire brand, which eventually gave the company its name.  By 1984, when they purchased the name Peerless and officially became Peerless Tires, the company had opened even more locations.  They also changed the spelling to Peerless Tyres.  In 2010, the 60th Peerless Tires location opened in Garden City, Kansas, and the company continues to grow.

Although it was a Uniroyal tire brand that gave the tire company its name, today Peerless Tires sells many different brands of tires.  Some of the big names in the tire world that are available from Peerless Tires include Bridgestone, Hankook, Falken and of course Peerless.  The company keeps its customers satisfied and coming back with an offer of free mounting, tire rotation and flat repair for any tire they sell.  

Peerless Tires also offers special financing deals to customers to help them afford the tires they need, allowing them to pay over time on purchases of more than $249.  This allows you to get both tires and wheels and take 6 months to pay entirely interest free on your purchase.

Peerless Tires locations are available in seven states: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota.  Many of their locations offer more services than simply selling tires, including brake services and other repairs.  Their website offers a full list of all the locations as well as what services are offered at each one.  

Peerless Tires is devoted to offering customers the best tires on the road at the best prices available.  They also seel other car related products including batteries, which they will test for free when you bring your car in.  The variety of services offered by Peerless makes them a one-stop shop for everything surrounding your wheels, tires, and more.

To make the process of shopping for tires easier, Peerless Tires offers a full list of their catalog with prices included in PDF format on their website.  This will allow you to download the list and peruse it, and to price shop and compare before you go into the store to purchase tires.  This also means you will know what you can expect the cost of your new wheels and tires to be prior to arriving at the Peerless Tires location and be certain of whether you will need financing or would like to pay up front.

Peerless Tires has built a reputation for high quality, great service and helpful employees and continues to grow based on that reputation.  Across seven states and still spreading, Peerless Tires has become the name to trust when it comes to purchasing tires, wheels and other accessories.  The company expects to continue its growth well into the future.

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