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All About Preference Toric Contact Lenses

All About Preference Toric Contact Lenses

All too often astigmatism sufferers believe that their only option for corrective vision treatment is eyeglasses. However, companies like CooperVision have developed eye care technology, such as its Preference Toric Contact Lenses, which allow consumers to find freedom from eyeglasses and relief from astigmatism symptoms. If you have astigmatism and have never considered wearing contact lenses, read this guide all about Preference Toric Contact Lenses.

About the Manufacturer

CooperVision, a business unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc., is the manufacturer of Preference Toric Contact Lenses. As of May 2011, CooperVision markets and distributes its broad range of contact lenses from facilities located on five continents and in 12 countries. In addition to Preference Toric Contact Lenses, CooperVision produces other popular families of contact lenses including Avaira, ClearSight, Proclear and Biofinity. The company is also the trademarked creator of Aquaform and Balance Progressive contact lens technology.

Astigmatism Defined

Preference Toric Contact Lenses are designed for eye care patients who suffer from astigmatism; but what is this eye condition? The American Optometric Association (AOA) defines astigmatism as condition leading to blurred vision caused by an “…irregular shape of the cornea…” or a “…curvature of the lens inside the eye.” Astigmatism is not an uncommon disorder, with most individuals experiencing some degree of the condition. More severe cases of astigmatism can lead to worsening blurred vision, eye pain and discomfort and headaches. Wearing toric contact lenses is a corrective measure for improving these symptoms.

Preference Toric Features

The Preference Toric Contact Lenses from CooperVision are made from Tetrafilcon A material. These lenses are designed to provide wearers with extra comfort through their ability to resist clinging fibers and particles. This quality lessens the frequency of eye irritation and decreases the likelihood of increased dryness throughout the day. Preference Toric Contact Lenses also have a slight blue tint so that they are easier to see when handling and placing in the eye.


In order to maintain optimum eye health, Preference Toric Contact Lenses should be changed on a quarterly replacement schedule. These daily wear contacts are safe to be worn during waking hours, although there is evidence to suggest that the Preference brand of lenses is safe to wear during sleep. Contacts should only be touched by hands that are freshly washed and free of foreign materials, and contacts should never be removed from their storage container by any means other than the fingertip (i.e. tweezers). For eye patients with advanced levels of astigmatism CooperVision expanded its Preference line to include Preference Toric XR Contact Lenses, which have greater ranges of vision power.

Where to Find

CooperVision has made it easy for its customers to find its products using CooperVision’s “Locate a practioner” website feature. Customers simply input their zip code and are immediately presented with a list of eye care specialists who supply CooperVision products. Preference Toric Contact Lenses are also available through online contact lens retailers including 1800Contacts, Coastal Contacts and Vision Direct. These contacts may also be available through national pharmacy websites, such as Walgreens.

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