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All About Preference Toric Lenses

All About Preference Toric Lenses

Contact lenses opened up a whole new world of freedom for glasses wearers. No longer would we have to worry about the wrong bump sending our glasses askew or even flying off our faces. No longer would we lack the periferal vision needed to fully see the world around us in clear, sharp detail. No longer would we worry about glasses getting scratched, dirty, or broken during a normal day’s use.

With that freedom, however, came some certain tradeoffs. Original contacts were hard and painful to wear. They frequently fell off the eye, leading to a cartoonish scramble on the floor, trying to find a tiny item that was completely clear.

Thankfully, contact lens technology has come a long way since those early days, and now we have a far greater selection to choose from, allowing us to find contacts that are comfortable, fit well, stay on our eyes, and give us the ability to see the world clearly and freely. Not only that, but design has evolved to cover a variety of eye shapes, as well. For those with astigmatism, a slightly different shape is required for the clearest, best vision possible. These, too, have a variety of choices. For those with astigmatism, you may find that Preference Toric contact lenses are the most comfortable, best fit for you.

Preference Toric contact lenses are soft, designed for comfort, so that the lens can be put in place and then forgotten about, without the uncomfortable feeling of being able to feel the edges in your eyes. These contacts distinguish themselves from the typical disposable contacts with greater durability, designed to last the full length of use without protien buildup that can block crucial oxygen from refreshing the eye.

The Preference Toric lenses are designed for quarterly replacement, meaning less cost overall per year than lenses that have to be replaced every month or even weekly or daily, as some brands require. The lens is made of a durable material that not only holds up structurally to longer use, but is also specifically designed with material that resists deposit buildup or damage. This material in the Preference Toric contact lenses ensures comfort for the wearer and a healthier environment for the eyes than other contact lenses offer. Not only that, but the surface also resists debris, so that foreign materials do not get trapped in the eyes, helping you get through the full day without feeling dry-eyed or scratchy by the end of the day.

Because these are designed for those with astigmatism, Preference Toric lenses are carefully shaped to match the curve of the eye, making the closest, most comfortable fit for the wearer. This also provides the wearer with clearer, sharper vision than they would have with other lenses.

There are many options to choose from when selecting contact lenses to purchase, but Preference Toric contact lenses have been made specifically for the maximum comfort, durability, and ease of use possible. If you are in need of contacts for astigmatism, then Preference Toric lenses may be the right type for you.

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