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All About Proclear Toric Contact Lenses

All About Proclear Toric Contact Lenses

As contact lenses have developed with new technology and understanding of the eye and how the eye works, new products have been created in order to provide the best possible vision and experience for all contact wearers, regardless of differences in eyes. Astigmatism is a common condition in which the eye’s shape is slightly different. For those with astigmatism, such as myself, normal contact lenses will not always provide the clearest or sharpest vision experience. Traditionally shaped contact lenses are designed to correct the vision of a particular eye shape, and therefore these lenses cannot accurately correct vision for those whose eyes do not match that particular shape.

Thus, we now have a wide selection of contact lenses designed specifically for those with astigmatism. These specially-shaped lenses are made to match the shape of an eye with astigmatism, and they are made to provide the clearest vision possible. Among the various options for astigmatism-correcting contact lenses are Proclear Toric contact lenses.

Proclear Toric contact lenses, like most astigmatism lenses, are designed to fit and match the shape of an eye with astigmatism, making a better correction of vision than traditional lenses. These soft lenses are not only designed for astigmatism, but they are also designed for maximum comfort. Astigmatism lenses tend to be a bit larger than traditional lenses, and since they are made to sit on the eye in a very specific orientation, it can take a moment after putting them in before they orient themselves correctly. This can cause discomfort for the wearer, especially when first converting to astigmatism contacts.

But Proclear Toric contact lenses are made to maximize the comfort for the wearer. These contacts have been created specifically for wearability, made to be as smooth an experience as possible. In order to provide this experience, Proclear Toric contact lenses are made of a specific material, developed through technological advances for comfort and ease of wear. The material contains a substance found naturally within human cell membrances, giving these contacts a more natural feel than other contacts. This particular material within the human body attracts water, drawing it in and keeping a layer around itself. The molecules of this in the lenses do the same job, keeping the eye from drying out, even after hours of wear.

Most contact wearers know what it is like to have a contact lens go dry during use. Whether it’s because you were watching a movie or at the computer too long, or because you were in a particularly dry area, the first sign comes when you blink and feel the sharpness of dry plastic stuck to your eyeball. It is a distinctively uncomfortable, unpleasant experience. Not only that, but if a contact lens grows dry, it is far more likely to shift and either move off center in the eye or even potentially fall out of the eye. Moisture is crucial for comfort and wearability.

So that’s exactly what Proclear Toric contact lenses seek to provide. Keeping the layer of liquid aroudn the lens helps avoid the problems caused by drying out, all the while correcting astigmatism with the most comfortable wear they can provide.

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