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All About PUL Fabric

All About PUL Fabric

A popular choice for cloth diapers, PUL fabric is a special type of fabric that was originally used in the medical field to provide a fabric with a waterproof fabric that could withstand washing. PUL fabric – polyurethane laminated fabric – replaces disposable products with a strong and yet waterproof option that can be washed and used repeatedly.

To say that PUL fabric is a fabric with a waterproof polyurethane backing is a bit of a simplification of the process. It is in fact a rather complex fabric that can come in many different thicknesses. The fabric that the polyurethane is attached to can vary as well. Some use polyester, polyester/cotton blends, or 100% cotton. Thinner coatings of polyurethane make for a fabric that stretches more easily, and is thus better suited to applications like cloth diapers. Most cloth diapers use a thickness between 1-2 millimeters for the most stretchiness as well as flexibility for the baby to have freedom of movement. Cotton backed fabrics are a little less flexible than polyester, so the combination of a thin polyurethane coating with a cotton/polyester blend is often the best choice for a diaper.

PUL fabric can also be put through an autoclaving process, which uses high heat to create a fabric that can be washed and reused even after exposure to biohazard materials such as blood. This makes it the perfect fabric for use in medical settings, where exposure to bodily fluids makes it impossible to reuse most regular fabrics.

PUL fabric is not biodegradable, but it does make a more environmentally friendly option because it can withstand heavy wear, industrial washing, and many, many uses without breaking down. This prevents an incredible number of disposable options such as diapers from reaching landfills. AS an eco-friendly choice for diapering that is also waterproof, PUL fabric has few competitors.

PUL fabric is available in an incredible range of colors and patterns, creating cloth diapers that are not just eco-friendly but also adorable. That’s a big win for parents who find cloth diapers less than pleasing to the eye. But more than that, they provide outstanding protection against leaks while still being comfortable for baby to wear, due to the soft inner portion of the fabric.

Mothers seeking to make their own cloth diapers using PUL fabric can purchase the fabric online easily. Creating your own cloth diapers saves both money and the environment, and PUL fabric is the perfect choice.

PUL fabric saves thousands of disposable diapers from reaching landfills over the course of the two to three years the average baby spends in diapers. The fabric is strong, safe, and waterproof, and provides the perfect alternative to disposables. PUL fabric is an incredible advance that provides both the medical community and mothers with an excellent way to contain leaks while being clean, washable and highly durable. There is no other fabric quite like it on the market today, and it has become the fabric of choice for all those who are concerned about the impact of disposable diapers on the planet.

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