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All About Rabbit Habitat

All About Rabbit Habitat

As an easy to care for pet, a rabbit can make a great addition to your family. When bringing home your new furry family addition, it is important to have a suitable rabbit habitat all set up to provide your rabbit with everything that he needs in order to be comfortable and to stay healthy.

Selecting A Habitat

If your rabbit is going to reside in your home, then you need to ensure that the cage you provide for him is secure to both keep him from escaping and getting into things that aren’t safe and to keep younger children from being able to open his cage up.

There are many rabbit habitats that can be found for purchase in your local pet supply store; be certain to take the time to ask for suggestions on the best-selling rabbit habitat.

Your new pet’s home should have the following features:

  • The rabbit habitat should be large enough to accommodate the rabbit as he grows, it should be large enough for him to comfortably move around as well as have enough room for him to sleep in a different area from where his food and water dishes are kept.
  • There should be plenty of room for a selection of fun toys as well as for his litter box; it is fairly easy to litter box train a rabbit so in order to help keep up his good litter habits he should have a clean litter box in his cage for when he needs it.
  • With the litter box in mind, the cage that you select should be easy to clean – there is nothing more annoying to a pet owner than a difficult to clean animal cage.
  • The cage that you select should be as durable as it is portable; while you certainly don’t anticipate dropping the cage while carrying it with your rabbit inside, you do need it to withstand a fair amount of abuse from the antics of your rabbit.
  • As already mentioned, the cage needs to be secure enough to keep the rabbit in and young children out.

If your new family pet is going to live outside then consider investing in a sturdy home for him that will not just provide him with sufficient room, but will also provide him with the needed shelter from the elements. It would be downright cruel to leave a rabbit outside without shelter from the sun and the rain. Consider bringing your rabbit indoors during the extreme summer heat and frigid winter months in an effort to allow him to be as comfortable as possible. Another alternative is to provide him with a customized rabbit habitat that will allow him to move freely between your home and your backyard.

Just as they can be litter box trained, rabbits can be trained to use pet doors; a rabbit habitat that connects to your home’s sunroom via a pet door could just be the perfect option! Do sufficient research on the needs of your new family pet before you bring him home – the more that you understand about your rabbit, the better you can provide for him.

Photo courtesy of TheTim.

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