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All About Rider Jeans

All About Rider Jeans

Are you tired of buying high-priced designer jeans that just never seem to look right on your body? Would you be interested in a pair of jeans that combine style, fit and affordability? If so, you may want to check out the amazing value offered by Lee’s Rider jeans for women.

What Exactly Are Rider Jeans?

Rider jeans are designed only for women and are manufactured and distributed by Lee, one of the worldwide leaders in jeans. Under the guidance of “style and fit expert” Stacy London, Rider jeans provide a fashionable denim look at an affordable price.

Rider jeans are made from stretch denim, and unlike other designer brands, Riders are constructed to sit naturally on your hips to provide you with the very finest in comfort. In fact, most women who have tried Riders admit that their jeans are so comfortable, they could wear them every day. Each pair comes standard with a no gap waist and tummy control panel. This combination provides a slimmer look to any body type while maintaining the advanced comfort you have come to appreciate from Lee. These jeans are durable as well, lasting as much as two times longer than other jeans brands, and resisting the tendency to fade in the wash.

Rider Jeans are made in a number of different styles and cuts, including boot-cut, mid-rise, relaxed fit and Capri pants, and are available in many colors including classic denim, onyx and grey.

How Much Do Rider Jeans Cost?

Have you priced some of the designer jean labels lately? If you have, you know the price for these high-end jeans is astronomical, running as high as $75.00 for a single pair. That’s a lot of money for a pair of jeans, especially when you consider that you could get 5 pairs of Rider jeans for the same price and look just as fashionable as many of the higher priced brands.

Where Can I Get Rider Jeans?

Rider Jeans by Lee are available online and at a number of popular retail outlets, including Walmart, Kmart and Sears, and with prices starting at just $15.00 a pair you’ll be able to stock up on a variety of colors and styles.

Rider jeans, because of the slimming look, comfort and price, are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after jean brands available today, and have even been featured on a number of television programs, most notably the Oprah show.

With Rider jeans by Lee you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for amazing style, and the price is unbelievable. If you’re sick and tired of spending hundreds of dollars on jeans, which are both unflattering and rigid, visit one of the retail outlets that carry Rider jeans today and try on a pair. Chances are, once you try a pair of Rider jeans you’ll never even consider paying more for a pair of jeans again.

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