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All About Rockwood Campers

All About Rockwood Campers

If the open road is calling to you then Rockwood Campers are a fantastic way to answer them.

Ample floor plans and a large variety of custom features set Rockwood Campers apart from the rest of the trailer and Recreational Vehicle manufactures.

Rockwood Campers was created by Arthur E. Chapman back in 1972. He was the grandson of Arthur Schrock whose company, Star Tank and Boat, later became the well known Starcraft, Inc. Rockwood first started making miniature motorhomes and in 1975 added travel trailers and pop up camp trailers to its growing line up. A little while later it added the large Class A diesel pusher to complete the line.

Although Rockwood Campers has since exchanged owners and has been purchased several times their commitment to quality and offering a wide selection of campers hasn’t changed.

First let’s look at the simplest and most economical trailer that Rockwood Campers offers, Pop up tent campers.

These small light weight trailers can be towed by many smaller vehicles making it an easy to manage trailer for most small families on a tight budget. They are a small axel trailer that the roof hinges upward pulling a soft skin with it. The fore and aft part folds out offering two sleeping areas that have large netted windows to allow ample airflow. The main area has different options but typically features a kitchenette, pantry, eating area, toilet and shower area. Some of the more advanced trailers have a small refrigerator, optional heater and many newer models even have slide outs offering an even larger living space. Many other options are available as well including high walls, hard walls, Premier series, off road series, Freedom/ LTD Series and each of these feature several options and models to choose from.

Next in the Rockwood Campers lineup is the Rockwood Roo. This little trailer is a slight hybrid of a tent trailer and a solid walled trailer, and has thirteen floor plans and many feature slide out walls to allow more living space.

Next up is the bumper pull trailers from Rockwood Campers. These are all fairly large trailers that require a large SUV or light duty truck to tow it. The largest ones in this style require at least a half ton pickup truck with a properly rated ball hitch. All of these trailers are self contained, meaning they have large capacity fresh water, grey water and black water holds. Feature a full size bathroom, shower, kitchen and spacious bedroom. Many of these floor plans also feature slide outs to increase room and comfort. For the most part all of these have full sized kitchens, fridge and include a good sized sink.

The largest trailers from Rockwood Campers have to be the fifth wheel trailers. These require a large full sized truck and a special in bed truck mount. These trailers have the largest floor plans and living spaces and many offer amenities such as washer and dryer. There are even toy haulers for avid outdoorsmen.

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