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All About Ryka Sneakers

All About Ryka Sneakers

Sheri Poe created Ryka sneakers in 1987 to help active women find the best footwear to suit their needs. Poe understood that the physical differences between female and male bodies meant that women who were active and played sports needed something different from their footwear than men.

To accommodate the typical female foot, Poe made sure that Ryka sneakers have narrower heel areas and wider forefoot areas, and she insisted on modern design and cutting edge technology to ensure that Ryka sneakers are durable, high performance and do the best possible job helping active women maintain their lifestyle and take care of their feet.

Types, Features & Functions of Ryka Sneakers

There is a pair of Ryka sneakers for every activity and every woman. Ryka produces various lines of sneakers intended specifically for aerobic studio activity, walking, cross training, aqua sports, running, or sports fusion.

Each pair of Ryka sneakers has specific features depending on what the activity calls for. The sneakers are lightweight and designed for high performance with shock absorption at the heel and lateral areas as well as structure cushion. All Ryka sneakers are designed to keep active women’s feet comfortable, protected and stable.

Ryka sneakers are designed with technology and innovation in mind. They use cutting edge technical performance fabrics for lightweight and well-constructed shoes. Depending on the model, Ryka sneakers include features like nitracel sock liners, balanced flex grooves, impact resistance, infused heel clip guidance, and trademarked Skeletal Guidance Shanks.

The newest line of Ryka sneakers is their toning line. The “Reform” model in this line was developed to work with your body to tone leg, core and foot muscles. They can be used for rehab after an injury or just to strengthen these areas of the body. These special Ryka sneakers have a negative heel to strengthen the Achilles tendon, a Ryka Rocker midfoot to help propel gait and flex grooves for proper dorsiflexion.

Exterior Design & Style of Ryka Sneakers

Ryka sneakers are unassuming but stylish, making form work with function to create sleek, interesting footwear that fits with the aesthetic of most workout and sports apparel. Most Ryka sneakers come in muted colors like white, gray, brown, silver, or black. Some have colored accents that may be reflective, pastel or bright. Ryka sneakers in the same model often come in multiple colors.

The shape and style of a pair of Ryka sneakers depends on their function. Some have laces, some have zippers, some have Velcro and others are slip-on. Treads, arch height, toe shape and ankle height are all determined by what the specific model is intended for.

Some Ryka sneakers take their inspiration from different types of footwear and then adapt the aesthetic to fit the needs of an active lifestyle. Their “Mary Jane” collection is styled after traditional Mary Jane shoes, but instead of patent leather and buckled straps, they are made of mesh, leather, nylon and foam with Velcro straps.

Buying a Pair of Ryka Sneakers

If you’re looking to buy a pair of Ryka sneakers, expect to pay between fifty and one hundred dollars. You can order Ryka sneakers through their website, ryka.com, which includes a special “shoe finder” to help you find the perfect pair of Ryka sneakers for your needs and lifestyle.

Their website also lets you see all the available colors and accents for each model and explains exactly what Ryka technology has been incorporated into each shoe for the highest possible performance. If you’re looking for a sale or a better deal, other online shoe stores sell Ryka sneakers, but may not carry all models or all colors.

You can see and try on a pair of Ryka sneakers before buying them at one of the many stores that carry Ryka products. Look for Ryka sneakers at a nearby sporting goods store, aerobics studio or shoe store, or use the store locator at Ryka’s website to find out what stores near you carry them.

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