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All About Sabona Bracelets

All About Sabona Bracelets

Sabona bracelets are world famous copper and magnetic bracelets, which are believed by many to have health benefits to people who wear them.  Sabona bracelets have been manufactured by the UK based company since 1959, and today they have expanded their business operations to include offices in the United States.  The company offers a wide variety of copper and magnetic bracelets in attractive styles that will suit every taste.

Sabona bracelets are based on the natural healing properties that many beleive can be attributed to copper and magnets. For many years copper bracelets have been recommended to people suffering from arthritis to help alleviate the pain associated with the condition.  A lack of copper is believed to be part of the cause of arthritis pain, and studies have shown that copper is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through the skin. Thus, wearing Sabona bracelets made of copper allows your body to swiftly absorb extra copper and bring the levels in your bloodstream back up to recommended amounts.

Sabona bracelets using magnets are believed to keep the circulatory system into proper functioning condition.  This is an old theory that continues to draw proponents even though there is currently no scientific proof of its efficacy. Magnetic bracelets are available in stainless steel, tungsten carbide and other options.

Choosing the right option from among the many Sabona bracelets available might take a while.  The company has expanded beyond the basic magnetic and copper bracelets and offers beautiful styles for women, excellent choices for men, and even sporty designs for the athetic type.  Magnetic bracelets are available with many different embellishments, including special designs and even beautiful gemstones.  There is a bracelet to suit every lifestyle and every taste.

Sabona bracelets are available directly from the manufacturer as well as through a number of online retailers.  There are also many local stores that carry Sabona bracelets.  The company’s website offers a list of all of the retailers both on and offline where you can view the many options and make your purchase.  Of course, you can also simply purchase the bracelet of your choice from the Sabona website, where you will find the complete line of Sabona bracelets.

There are some things to keep in mind about Sabona bracelets.  As with all copper jewelry, Sabona bracelets made of copper will leave a green tinge on the skin.  It can be washed away with soap and water and is completely normal.  Magnetic bracelets should not be worn next to a wristwatch, nor should they be worn by pregnant women or people who have a pacemaker.

Sabona bracelets are built to the highest quality standards and based on many years of research and popular belief.  There is no scientific proof however that these bracelets can or should be used to treat any disease, and you should not replace any other treatments or medications.  If you have questions about the use of Sabona bracelets, talk to your doctor for advice.  In most cases, they are safe to use.

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