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All About Schutz Shoes

All About Schutz Shoes

Schutz is German for “protection,” and in that regard, Schutz shoes are well named. Schutz shoes don’t just protect your feet with their durable designs and materials – they also protect your wardrobe from boredom and your style from dullness! Originally, Schutz shoes were boots for men, but after women discovered their sturdiness and fashionable aesthetic and fell in love, Schutz shoes expanded to include high quality women’s footwear that balances fashion trends with innovative design. All Schutz shoes are created in Brazil under the leadership of designer and director Alexandre Birman.

The Schutz Shoe Style

The current collection of Schutz shoes includes a variety of separate design lines that will suit any taste. The Anabela line is characterized by tall wedge heels, but incorporates a variety of different styles from formal to professional to casual. Some are black patent leather with silver studs adorning the wedges, some are snakeskin wedge pumps and others are less formal with cork wedges and thin strappy designs.

Schutz shoes also offers a collection of flats in bright colors and various materials, as well as a line of flat sandals in the popular strappy “Greek” design. They also make heeled shoes of all types – high heels, medium heels, and wedges. The special Scarpin line of pumps in muted colors includes a multitude of materials, including snakeskin, leather with cutouts, patterned fabrics and suede.

Buying a Pair of Schutz Shoes

If you’re planning on buying a pair of Schutz Shoes, expect to pay between forty and one hundred dollars for a stylish investment you’ll be wearing for years. You can browse the current collection on their website, schutz-shoes.com, but although you can reserve certain styles through the website, they do not have an online store.

To order Schutz Shoes online, try a quick Google search for “Schutz shoes” to find plenty of online shoe stores selling various styles, or search for the specific style you’re looking for. Prices and deals vary between sites and some places carry different styles from different lines, so do some browsing before you order.

If you want to see and try on your Schutz shoes before buying them, use the official Schutz shoes website to find a store that sells them near you. Some places don’t have any retailers that carry Schutz shoes, so you might have to combine two great activities: shoe shopping and a road trip! Better yet, head down to Brazil, where Schutz shoes operates ten Schutz Exclusive stores in two cities.

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