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All About Seaga Vending Machines

All About Seaga Vending Machines

If you’re anything like most people, the only thought you probably give to vending machines on a given day has more to do with what they contain rather than which company manufactured the machine, but if you’re thinking about starting a vending machine business or vending machine route, the following information may be very relevant to you.  In this article we will describe the various types of Seaga vending machines, along with a bit of background information on the Seaga Company.

About Seaga

If you’ve ever used a vending machine for any purpose, chances are you have seen the Seaga products firsthand.  Seaga is generally thought of as the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of vending machine equipment and accessories, with top quality vending and bulk vending machines such as cold and frozen vending machines, change machines, drink machines and ice cream machines.

Seaga’s headquarters and corporate offices are located in Freeport, Illinois in the United States, and are directly adjacent to its 110,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility.  Each member of the Seaga team, from the manufacturers to its quality control personnel, are committed to providing the utmost in quality at the fairest market price, all while giving you, their customer, the best buying and service experience possible.

Seaga has been doing business for almost 25 years and their commitment to quality and customer service has catapulted them into a leading role in the vending machine industry.

Types of Seaga Vending Machines

Seaga manufactures a wide range of vending machines and vending machine accessories.  Below are just a few examples of their product line:

  • Electronic Bill Changers.  Seaga’s Change Maker is a top of the line bill changing machine that comes in a variety of sizes.  Each model is handily equipped with a custom change collector to make retrieving change from the machine a hassle-free experience.
  • Bulk Vending Machines.  The term “bulk vending machine” is used to describe those items that are not individually packaged.  This usually includes toy, candy and gum machines which are coin operated and regularly refilled.
  • Electronic Value Vending.  Electronic value vending machines contain all the usual suspects—vending machine fare such as sodas, chips and candy—and are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Electronic Specialty Vending.  These types of vending machines are very similar to the value vending machines only they typically contain only specialty products.  This could include thing like cold sandwiches, pizza and even ice cream on certain machines.
  • Premium Collection.  Seaga’s premium collection of quality vending machines feature everything you could possibly want in a vending machine, including LED lighting, sturdy service trays and an onboard computer that tells you when a particular product is either out of merchandise or running low.

Seaga carries every type of vending machine you could possibly think of, and with a number of flexible payment options you could get your next vending machine route up and running in no time.  For quality, affordability and top-notch customer service, Seaga is truly the vending machine leader.

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