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All About Serious Mass

All About Serious Mass

If you work out to bulk up, adding muscle, then a crucial part of the process involves gaining muscle weight. Not only is it a necessary part of increasing the size of your muscles, but it is also crucial to increase your calorie intake in order to keep your body nourished and energized for your work out routine. Muscles require more calories in order to function, and the more muscle weight you have on your body, the more calories you need to consume to maintain your health every day. It costs hundreds of dollars to consult with nutritionists and find the right blend of foods for a healthy increase, but why pay that when you could simply take a tested nutritional supplement that will provide your body with all the extra elements it needs to help you not only keep your nutrients in balance but also improve your bulking up process?

Serious Mass is a powder designed specifically for body builders. The balance of nutrients included in Serious Mass is specially formulated to provide you with the optimum supplement, helping you add the muscle mass you desire and sculp the body you seek. This powder can be mixed into liquid or blended into a smoothie or shake. Those who have tried Serious Mass have found the taste great on its own, though adding other healthy ingredients like bananas or peanut butter makes the flavor all that much better.

With 1,250 calories per serving, Serious Mass is sure to make the difference in your work out routine. The 50 grams of blended protien helps feed your muscles, keeping them going throughout the day even with a strenuous exercise routine. Not only that, but Serious Mass also includes more than 250 grams of carbs, making sure that your body has the energy needed to get through your routine. Creatine, glutamine, and glutamine peptides enhance the muscle-building process, making it easier for you to bulk up as you desire. Capping all that off is twenty-five vitamins and essential minerals. This is truly a well-rounded supplement, fulfilling many of your body’s needs and improving the work out process to build muscle mass.

Many body builders find that their bodies naturally hit a plateau at some point. They continue working out, even increasing their routines, but they never seem to gain any extra mass or be able to increase their bulk. It is a frustrating place to be, continuing to work hard, but not seeing any results for all their work. Perhaps you are in this place as well. If so, then Serious Mass is a great product for you. When your own effort is no longer enough to continue increasing your bulk, Serious Mass steps into the gap, adding the pounds in the form of sleek, sculpted muscles as you go through your regular body building routine.

Serious Mass can be found online in quantities of three, six, or twelve pounds. The three pound option is available at an affordable $26.99. The six pound option is a mere $39.99 – only thirteen dollars more for twice the quantity! And the best deal of all is the twelve pound option, at only $67.99.

If you need to add muscle bulk to your body, Serious Mass is a great way to supplement your diet to bring in the essential nutrients you need while adding to your muscle bulk.

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