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All About Sheer Roman Shades

All About Sheer Roman Shades

Roman shades offer homeowners a very elegant alternative to the standard, and often boring, window treatment choices of dusty and heavy curtains and also mini blinds. There are many choices of materials available in Roman shades, as well as a wide variety of fabric options. Sheer Roman shades can be a subtle accent to your home’s décor and can even offer a conversational focal point!

Controlling The Light

Your new sheer Roman shades should be picked out based upon the amount of light that you are interested in having filter into the room that you are going to install them in. Darker shades can help you to darken an incredibly bright room during the daytime hours while much lighter shades can offer you the most amount of filtered light possible while still ensuring that you have the privacy that you are looking for.

Raising Them Up

Sheer Roman shades are often raised and lowered in manner much the same as the standard mini blinds are – by using a thin cord. Blind corns can give you the traditional the look and feel that you are after, it is important to note that cords can also be a potential danger if you have small children in your home. For a much safer and still incredibly stylish appearance to your shades, consider a continuous loop cord. The looping cord maintains the same length even if your sheer shades are raised all of the way up or are lowered all of the way down.

Maintaining Your Shades

Following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines will make sure that your sheer Roman shades are installed without any errors that could potentially damage them. Once your new shades are installed and fully operational, you should take all steps required to maintain them in order to ensure that they last for several years. Give your shades a light dusting once a week and give them a good thorough cleaning every other month with a mild cleaning detergent. This will ensure that your sheer shades are not allowed to get a buildup of grime that could be very difficult to remove. By frequently removing a buildup of dust and grime could help to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Try to avoid using a vacuum cleaner on your sheer Roman shades as this could cause a fair amount of damage to the shades as you are cleaning them. Rather run a dampened cloth over your dusty shades to remove the dust. Homeowners should never use bleach or harsh and abrasive cleaning products on their Roman shades as this could permanently damage the fabric of the shades.

Whether you are simply looking for a little bit of extra privacy into a brightly-light kitchen or bathroom, or you are looking to darken a media room a little bit, sheer Roman shades could just be the best option to blend in with the décor of your home. Visit a reputable reseller or manufacturer of Roman shades so that you can browse a catalog of available products and find out if they are the best option for your home.

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