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All About Shrink Bands

All About Shrink Bands

Whether a small business or a maker of home products, when you create a product for sale, you want to guarantee that it reaches your customers untampered and secure, especially if the product is liquid or something to be consumed. A great way to make this guarantee is through the use of shrink bands.

Shrink bands are a circular band made of a particular type of plastic. These bands come in a variety of sizes, able to fit around bottle lids, jar lids, or even entire cans or jars. You then apply heat evenly with either a heat gun or a hair drier, and the shrink band will, like the name suggests, shrink until it forms a tight seal. When the customer receives the product, he or she can then tear off the shrink band in order to gain access to the contents of the bottle or jar.

You will want to make sure you purchase the correct shrink band for your product. First, you will need to measure the bottles you use. Shrink bands come in a variety of sizes to meet all needs, so you will be able to find the right size to fit your containers, regardless of size or shape. They can be used on tapered bottle tops, bottle caps, jars, or even square containers. Next, you need to make sure that there are appropriate lips for the shrink band to mold to. If your container is, for instance, a bottle that has a straight neck and no lip below the cap, the shrink band could be slid off the smooth surface without being broken. In cases like this, you would want to purchase a shrink band that covers the entire container, gripping the top and bottom of the bottle so that it cannot be removed without being broken.

Shrink bands are also available in a variety of colors. The most common is clear, making it easy for the customer to see any label information underneath or providing a simple but professional look. For a slightly more decorative look, you can find shrink bands in red or black. Either way, you will find that the shrink bands provide a professional finish as well as security and evidence that the product has not been tampered with.

Once you’ve identified the right size, style, and color for your product, you can place your order. Many websites offer shrink bands in bulk, providing a great deal for your money. You can check the products at a few different sites to find the best deal for what you need. Once you receive your shrink bands, you may want to practice using them a couple times. The shrinking process is fast and easy, but too little heat makes an improper seal, and too much heat can leave the perforation too fragile. Practice a couple of times to get the feel for the right amoutn of heat, and then you’ll be ready to seal up your product’s containers in a sharp, professional manner.

Regardless of what product you sell, you want to make sure that your customers know that you have their safety in mind. Using shrink bands to seal your containers will provide that extra safety, as well as show the customer that their purchase comes to them with no tampering, with no alterations. Finally, shrink bands make a great extra touch for a clean, professional look to your product.

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