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All About Skagen Watch Bands

All About Skagen Watch Bands

For many people these days, watches are designed do more than just tell you the time. Watches have become a fashion statement, and a business statement, telling onlookers that you not only care about what time it is, but you care about how you look, and strive to maintain a sense of punctuality and professionalism. When your watch has the power to say so much about a person, it’s no wonder that people invest so much time and money searching for the perfect watch. Fortunately, thanks to the high quality, sophisticated design, and affordability offered by Skagen watch bands and watches, that search has become much easier.

Skagen watch bands offer comfortable, classic styles that can be easily dressed up for business meetings, or dressed down for a cool and casual night out on the town. With a large selection of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from, there’s a watch band in Skagen’s collection to fit anybody’s tastes. In a variety of metals and materials, Skagen watch bands can be found in styles like steel mesh bands, titanium links, and leather straps in a variety of shades. Skagen watch heads with an assortment of cases, available in a wide array of shapes including the more traditional circle and square shapes. Aside from its beautiful aesthetic features, Skagen watch bands and watch heads also feature a variety of technical enhancements including high quality batteries that can last over 7 years with normal use. They also offer options for analog only watch heads, or dual time watch heads that feature a second retrograde dial.

The elegant detail and design work that goes into each of the Skagen watch bands designed specifically for women shows that Skagen knows men aren’t the only ones who appreciate classic style and contemporary functionality. Like the unisex designs, the women’s collection of Skagen watch bands features bands in silver steel, gold, and leather with colors from pink to silver and black. Skagen watch bands also feature a variety of styles that extend from the chic modern and contemporary designs, to the traditional and classic designs that remain stylish through the decades. The extensive collection of Skagen watch heads feature such enhancements as Swarovski Elements, functional chrome second hand indicators, and Mother-of-Pear dials.

Making Your Skagen Watch Band Last

In order to ensure long lasting quality and durability, keep in mind that it’s best to keep your Skagen watch band away from direct contact with water and high heat sources like saunas and hot tubs. Depending on the material used in your watch band, cleaning should be done delicately so as not to scratch the steel or leather, but also ensuring that any lotion or dirt buildup is removed. Skagen recommends that your watch’s seals, while durable, should be replaced every 2-3 to maintain top quality, and suggests that servicing is done at official service centers. While unlike mechanical watches, Skagen watches do not need to be manually wound to maintain time accuracy, they can gain or lose a minute or two each month, and it’s recommended that you double check your watch each month and adjust the time accordingly.

Run by husband and wife team Charlotte and Henrick Jorst, Skagen watch bands’ vision to be the “first choice among suppliers, customers, consumers, and employees” is apparent in their high quality designs and earnest customer service. Whether you’re looking for a watch band to go with a contemporary way of life, or to exhibit traditional sense of style, when you consider how your watch band expresses your commitment to aesthetic excellence and material quality, it’s not hard to understand why Skagen watch bands are quickly becoming a watch industry standard.

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