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All About Solar Driveway Lights

All About Solar Driveway Lights

To add ambiance and also make your driveway or sidewalk easier to see at night, solar driveway lights are a perfect choice.  They are affordable, economical to run and also environmentally friendly because they harness the power of the sun to provide light, even after it has gone down.  Solar driveway lights provide a glowing path at night that allow easy navigation of your driveway, and are especially useful in northern areas where winter brings very short days and dark has often fallen before the average person is home from work!

Solar driveway lights are one of the newer innovations in solar lighting.  Most people have seen the solar lights on stakes that are often used in gardens and around the yard for night time lighting.  These have also been used along paths, driveways and sidewalks, but they are traditionally used in the garden.  Solar driveway lights that are designed specifically for driveway applications are a little different, and they come in two main styles.  Of course, if you like the look of the stake mounted lights, you can certainly use them to illuminate your driveway, but if you want something a little different, take a look at some of the new options for solar driveway lights on the market today.

The Two Styles of Solar Driveway Lights

The two types of solar driveway lights you are likely to encounter are surface mounted lights and flush mounted lights.  Surface mounted lights, much like their name implies, are mounted on the top of the driveway surface along the edges.  They are raised from the surface and come in a variety of shapes.  You can space them as far apart as you like, depending on how much illumination you need or want.  

Flush mounted solar driveway lights are installed flush with the surface of the driveway itself.  This means they aren’t raised at all and you won’t trip over them or even notice them much in the day time.  Many are so strong that your car can run over them without breaking them.  They create a very clean look that is modern and smooth.  You can place them at an interval you choose, just like the surface mounted type.

Your choice of solar mounted driveway lights is really a personal one based almost entirely on the look you want to achieve.  Different options may look better with different driveway lengths, the type of surface you have on your driveway, and the landscaping around the driveway.  You might even find that a combination of different solar driveway lights provides the perfect look and lighting for you.

Solar driveway lights use solar energy to power their small batteries and light up the bulb within.  Many modern models use LED lights, which are bright and very efficient, meaning they will last a long time.  Most homeowners find their solar driveway lights to be very low-maintenance and easy to use and care for.  They will keep your driveway safely lit while also saving you on your energy bills; solar driveway lights are an affordable, eco-friendly choice.

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