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All About the 1972 Corvette

All About the 1972 Corvette

One of the most famous names in muscle cars, the Corvette made its first appearance on the market in 1953.  The 1972 Corvette was a benchmark of its own, being the last of the cars to carry some of the common features of the Corvette.  The 1972 Corvette would be the last Corvette to have chrome bumpers, and the last to display the grille that shares its appearance with an ice cube tray.  As safety laws for car manufacturers increased in stringency, the next model of Corvette was designed to withstand more frontal impact, meaning some of these famous features of the car had to go.

The 454 big block engine in the 1972 Corvette was available in every state except California, which had recently introduced much more stringent emmisions laws that would restrict cars in the state for 1972 and the future.  The engine was rated at 270 horsepower.  Although the 1971 Corvette had a higher horsepower rating of 365 horspower, the difference did not reflect a lower powered engine, but rather a change in the way horsepower was rated.  1972 saw new standards brought into effect for how horsepower is measured and were much more accurate to the actual conditions in which the cars are driven.  There were two other engines available on the 1972 Corvette.  The base engine was a 350 ci with 200 horsepower and the LT1 was also a 350 ci but with 255 horsepower.  This engine was also available on the higher end ZR1 model.  The LT1 and ZR1 Corvette models were not seen again after the 1972 Corvette.

The 1972 Corvette had the classic Corvette lines that have become famous in the automotive industry.  The long front end of the car had pronounced curves over the front wheels that are the trademark of the Corvette.  Two models of the 1972 Corvette were available; the coupe and the convertible versions.  Chevrolet made about 27,000 Corvettes in 1972.

The original price of the 1972 Corvette started around $5300 for the convertible and about $5500 for the coupe model.  Today the 1972 Corvette is considered a classic and a collector car, and a car in good condition is worth much more than it was when it first hit the market.  Restored cars in excellent condition are highly valued and can be expected to fetch impressive prices at auctions or on the private market.  Classic Corvettes are one of the most sought after muscle cars from the heyday of such vehicles, and the 1972 Corvette was one of the cars found at the heart of this generation, before the fuel crisis and emissions standards would change the face of the automotive industry.

The Chevrolet Corvette is among the most popular cars on the road to this day thanks to classic styling, a long reputation and its famed power and sleek lines.  The 1972 Corvette is the Chevrolet flagship sports car at its best.  Today finding one can be difficult unless you are willing to do a lot of work to restore the car.  Your best bet to find one in good condition is to visit car auctions and watch the private clubs for a sales ad.

Photo courtesy of Rob Boudon.

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