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All About the 67 Chevelle

All About the 67 Chevelle

The 67 Chevelle was the fourth model year of the Chevrolet Chevelle, one of the American car company’s best selling models.  The Chevelle started production in 1964 as a mid-sized car intended as competition for the Ford Fairlane.  the 67 Chevelle was available in several different version appealing to different markets, part of the reason the car sold so well.

The 67 Chevelle was available as a four door sedan, also known as a Sport Sedan, which was a popular choice as a smaller car for families or for couples who needed a little more space.  The 67 Chevelle was also available in two different two door models.  The first was a hard top coupe, and the second a convertible version of the 67 Chevelle.  The Chevelle was available in a station wagon model in 1964 and 1965 but the 67 Chevelle did not come in a station wagon version.

The top trim level available in the 67 Chevelle was known as the Malibu model.  After 1977, the name Malibu would replace Chevelle for this model of car, and would continue this way for many years.  The Chevelle was also the basis for another top selling Chevrolet car, the Monte Carlo.  

The other two trim levels available on the 67 Chevelle were the 300 level which was the base model, and the Super Sport, which was the top trim level and the most powerful option for the car.

The 67 Chevelle was available with several different options for the engine.  These ranged from the base model’s six cylinder 230 cubic inch engine with 140 horsepower up to the biggest and most powerful engine available on the car, a 396 cubic inch V-8 engine offering 375 horsepower.  This engine was only available on the 67 Chevelle Super Sport model.  

The 67 Chevelle had an impressive year in production with over 369,000 models built.  More than 283,000 of these were built with the powerful V-8 engine, a sign of the times.  Powerful engines were still in vogue in 1967, before fuel efficiency became the goal of most car manufacturers as well as of most car buyers.  The last years of the 1960s and the first few of the 1970s were the last years when muscle cars reigned with the biggest engines they could offer.

The 67 Chevelle came standard with a bench seat as was common in that time, however optional bucket seats were available for those who preferred a more secure and comfortable seating option.  The 67 Chevelle was also available in a wide range of colors and even the convertible top was offered in three color options.  With all of the different models available, the three trim levels, eight engine configurations and many different color combinations, the 67 Chevelle could be designed to suit anyone’s taste.

Today the 67 Chevelle is a much sought after collector car, worth a large sum of money in good condition.  Restored and original cars sell for more than their original selling price; in some cases many, many times more.  Your best bet for finding a 67 Chevelle today is a collector auction or through a private sale.  You can expect to pay top dollar for one in excellent condition.

Photo courtesy of sahlgoode.

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