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All About the 71 Monte Carlo

All About the 71 Monte Carlo

The 71 Monte Carlo was the second year for a car that would become a classic in years to come.  Introduced in 1970, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo was intended to compete with the recently released Pontiac Grand Prix.  The 71 Monte Carlo was very similar to the 1970 model with a few minor changes.

The 71 Monte Carlo had a stand up hood ornament not found on the 1970 model.  It also came with the option of a four spoke steering wheel on the SS model.  The SS was the most powerful model in the line up and included the 454 engine package.  The SS 454 package on the 71 Monte Carlo was the last time this particular package was offered on that car, as it was discontinued after 1971.  

Due to a strike, the production of the 71 Monte Carlo was delayed and the car was produced more slowly than anticipated.  Dealerships had very few of the cars in stock until production picked up around November of that year.  In the end the 71 Monte Carlo had a production of 128,600 cars, which included 1,919 of the SS models with the powerful 454 engine.

The 71 Monte Carlo also marked Chevrolet’s decision to start marketing the car as a luxury vehicle rather than as a sports car.  In the next model year the SS model was discontinued altogether and the Monte Carlo developed a new following.  However, at the same time the Monte Carlo started to gain a reputation on the race track as well, in spite of the company’s decision to turn it into a luxury car.  The 71 Monte Carlo started a long line of Monte Carlos as the Chevrolet stock car running in the NASCAR circuit.  Today it is stil seen as a powerful muscle car with a luxurious edge, which has given the Monte Carlo a reputation in the car world unlike any other.

The 71 Monte Carlo is considered today to be a true classic, from an era when the muscle car was king.  The Monte Carlo stopped production after the 1988 model, but was brought back in 1995, and then continued production right up until 2007, when it was finally dropped from the Chevrolet line up.  But for many years it was a popular car and today the classic models just like the 71 Monte Carlo sell for large sums of money to collectors and those looking for a great project.  Many of the cars have been restored to their original glory.  Many wonder if the Monte Carlo will see another rebirth down the line, as so many classic cars have from other major car manufacturers.

A 71 Monte Carlo is a difficult car to find today, especially in good condition.  A 71 Monte Carlo with the SS 454 package is an even rarer find due to the production numbers of less than 2000 cars.  This makes it a valuable car and one sure to increase in value over the years.  Owners of the 71 Monte Carlo, especially an SS model generally know what they have, and finding one cheap is a rare thing.  Most sell for large sums either privately or at auction.

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