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All About the 87 Monte Carlo

All About the 87 Monte Carlo

The 87 Monte Carlo was one of a long line of the hugely popular line of Chevy cars.  With a distinctly late 1980′s styling that is easily recognizable to car fans to this day, the 87 Monte Carlo was the second to last model year of the Monte Carlos to come with rear wheel drive.

The 87 Monte Carlo came in a number of different versions.  The two main trim levels were the LS and SS.  The SS version of the 87 Monte Carlo was also available with two options for the body style.  The first was a notchback coupe, and the second the fastback version.  The fastback Aerocoupe model was part of a line that was designed and produced in limited numbers in order to qualify the car to race in the NASCAR circuit.  The first Aerocoupes were built in 1986 and only 200 were made, the minimum to allow the car to race on the track.  In 1987 the production was increased to over 6000 to accomodate the popularity of the car.

The base model 87 Monte Carlo LS came with a 4.3 liter V-6 engine offering 145 horsepower.  Available as an option on this model was an upgrade to the 5.0 liter V-8 engine with 150 horsepower, which also came with an increase from a 3 speed automatic transmission to a 4 speed automatic.  Upgrading to the 4 speed transmission was also an option on the base v-6 engine.  The SS model of the 87 Monte Carlo was equipped with a 5.0 liter V-8 engine with 180 horsepower.

The 87 Monte Carlo was not just the second to last year that four wheel drive was offered, but the second to last year that the Monte Carlo was produced.  It would be retired until the 1990′s when it was redesigned and reintroduced by Chevrolet to appeal to a new and different market.  The 87 Monte Carlo was the end of an era in American cars, the last time that six passenger sedans were produced in large quantities.  A second wave of fuel-efficient cars would hit the market soon, and much as in the 1970s it would change the face of the car market and manufacturing industry.

The 87 Monte Carlo is well on its way to becoming a classic.  Its history as a race car as well as the Monte Carlo name and popularity ensure that this car will one day be a favorite among collectors, especially since it falls so close to the end of the original production run for the Monte Carlo.  Collectors can expect that the value of these cars will see an increase over time as the cars become more rare and harder to find in good condition.  

Finding an 87 Monte Carlo in good condition is not hard, unless you are in search of the SS model.  Due to the very low production numbers, this model is even harder to find in good condition.  You can expect to pay a high price for it, and even more so as time goes by and the cars become harder to locate.  The 87 Monte Carlo is a symbol of the best in American cars.

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