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All About the Airsoft Minigun

All About the Airsoft Minigun

Have you given any thought to adding a new and impressive piece of equipment to your airsoft artillery collection? If you’re involved in the airsoft community, than you simply must check out the Airsoft Minigun, manufactured almost exclusively now by Echo 1. In this article we will describe all of the various features of the minigun—past and present, including how it works and how the minigun concept was created, to help you make the decision regarding the Airsoft replica.

What is the Airsoft Minigun?

The Airsoft minigun is an airsoft gun which is manufactured and sold as an exact scale replica of a real barrel-style machine gun, with all the same action and the same feel you’d expect from the real thing.

The rate of fire on the Airsoft Minigun is extremely high, ranging from over 1000 rounds a minute to a whopping 2000 rounds a minute, using the same Gatling-gun principle that was developed in the 1800s. For those not familiar with the Gatling-gun style action, it’s a system in which six revolving and highly charged barrels revolve uniformly around a single firing axis. This type of structure enables each barrel to cool sufficiently before firing the next round and helps to avoid jam-ups seen with other high-powered weapons.

How Does the Airsoft Minigun Work?

Known by a number of different names, including Gatling gun and chain gun, the Airsoft minigun is driven by an electric motor, and not the hand-crank action found in the original guns that were created. This feature also helps prevent jams and saves you a lot of unnecessary time and effort. The motor regularly feeds the ammunition into the chamber and rotates the firing mechanism for perfect results each time. As the firing mechanism rotates, the barrels of the minigun close, in turn, into the bolt for firing, then quickly withdraw to eject the spent casing and load the next round. The whole process happens almost effortlessly—in fact sometimes faster than the eye can see—and the result is a continuous roar as the gun comes to life.

While the Airsoft Minigun may look rather large, most of the length actually resides in the barrels of the gun. Oddly, for such a powerful gun, the actual firing mechanism for the minigun is quite small and compact. The sites on the Airsoft Minigun are mostly for show, and represent exactly the sights of the miniguns of old. And because the ammunition is so heavy and awkward, not to mention the fact that it is constantly being fed into the chamber, it is usually extracted from large ammunition boxes and fed up a metal ramp or chute to allow a consistent stream of fire.

History of the Minigun and How the Minigun Is Used

Because of its enormous weight, the Airsoft Minigun is not a weapon meant to be handled by one person alone. The term minigun actually refers to any externally, or hand-held powered Gatling style gun and is usually mounted on a tripod or in the door of a helicopter. It is not a particularly accurate gun to say the least, but the high rate of fire more than makes up for this lack of accuracy.

The term “minigun” goes all the way back to the original manufacturer of the gun, General Electric, who used the term to differentiate these types of weapons from similar models that dispatched larger shells.

More on the Airsoft Minigun

For every popular gun of today and yesteryear, there is usually an airsoft gun that replicates the real feel and firing action of the gun, and needless to say, is a real treat for gun collectors. Sadly, due to the size of the Airsoft Minigun, production of these beauties is now primarily only undertaken by one company: Echo 1—one of the undisputed leaders in airsoft replica artillery.

The specifications sheet on the Airsoft Minigun is quite impressive and features some facts and figures that are absolutely mind boggling to consider.

If you’re in the market for a real beast of a gun to add to your airsoft compilation of artillery, the Airsoft Minigun is an absolute must for your collection. For more specific information concerning price and availability of the Airsoft Minigun, you can head straight to the Echo 1 website for more details.

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