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All About the Amcor Air Conditioner

All About the Amcor Air Conditioner

Are you faced with the need to add or replace a window air conditioning unit to a room in your home? Consider the portable Amcor air conditioner as your new air conditioning unit – an air conditioner that will not only provide you with many years of service but will also provide you with the chance to trim your monthly utility bills with its increased efficiency over window units and older units.

Reasons To Replace Your Current System

If your current window air conditioning system is very old or is in constant need of repair then you should take the time to research the options that you have for a replacement cooling system.

Newer systems that are available today are as much as sixty percent more efficient than air conditioners that were being sold on the market as little as five years ago. If your existing window unit is over ten years old then a brand new air conditioner, like the portable options available from Amcor air conditioners, could just mean the difference between being miserable and being comfortable this summer.

Selecting Your New Amcor Air Conditioner

The new air conditioning unit that you purchase should be sized to effectively and efficiently work in the largest room that you will be using it in. Remember that while one of the benefits to a portable machine is that it can be used in various parts of your home, it is important that your new system be able to cool the largest room – like your living room, for example. Otherwise you will find that your Amcor air conditioner is working over-time trying to cool down the large room.

On the other hand, if you will be using your new air conditioner in a small space then it is not necessary to purchase more power than you need; if you can get away with purchasing a machine with 8,000 BTU for $200 versus 16,000 BTU for more than twice the price then it makes little sense to pay more for something that is simply more than you need.

Useful System Features

There are several features integrated into all Amcor Air Conditioners that can help to not just improve the functionality of the units but also improve the ease of operation by those who own them.

  • Remote: While a remote control for your air conditioner might not seem like a huge feature, consider how useful a remote control can be for a person who is bedridden or otherwise immobile. The ability to turn the system on or off, or adjust the temperature without the need to get up or have someone do it for you can be incredible useful.
  • Temperature Display: With an easy to read temperature display, users will be able to tell exactly what the temperature is in the room – which makes it a lot easier to control the temperature to your personal preferences.

Keep in mind, before purchasing a portable air conditioner system that you will still need to vent the exhaust hose out of a window. While this could make you wonder why not just get a window unit, consider the ability to move your unit between rooms in your home; the ease of portability just can’t be beaten!

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