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All About the Bosch Compact Mixer

All About the Bosch Compact Mixer

The Bosch Compact Mixer is a versatile kitchen tool that does an amazing variety of kitchen tasks when you add on the optional components.  With a 400 watt engine, the Bosch Compact Mixer has plenty of power, but comes in a compact size that won’t take up your entire kitchen counter.  Adding the blender and food processor components means you can reduce the number of small kitchen appliances you need to store around the house.  With a price point that falls below some other popular stand mixers, the Bosch Compact Mixer offers a lot of power and versatility for the money.

The main purpose of the Bosch Compact Mixer is to be used as a stand mixer.  It comes with three mixing attachments that can handle everything from whipped cream to bread dough.  The mixing bowl and powerful engine can handle up to six pounds of bread dough at one time, allowing you to get more done faster in the kitchen.  With more power than some other competitors, you can expect the Bosch Compact Mixer to handle tough mixing jobs with ease and last for many years.

All of the attachments are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and come with their own storage stand to keep them handy whenever you need them.  The mixing bowl comes with a splatter protection lid to keep your kitchen clean while mixing and make clean up even faster and simpler.  The three attachments that come with the mixer are a dough hook, a wire whip, and a French whisk, each designed to handle a particular mixing task.

If you want to take your Bosch Compact Mixer to the next level, you can pick up one or all of the available attachments that can transform it from a stand mixer to a multi-tasking kitchen tool.  The blender and food processor attachments will let you slice, dice and puree anything you need to, all with the 400 watt power of the mixer.  There is also a grain mill, a juicer, a shredder and even an ice cream maker attachment for the Bosch stand mixer.  All of these options make this mixer the most useful and versatile on the market.

The Bosch Compact Mixer is also often called the Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine, and it sells for around $150, much less than it’s main competitor, the KitchenAid mixer.  Optional accesories will cost a little extra, but certainly less than buying a whole new blender.  The Bosch Compact Mixer comes with a 1 year warranty against defects so that you can feel confident buying one.

You can purchase the Bosch Compact Mixer online from a variety of popular retailers, as well as at local stores.  There are several options for purchase, including the basic mixer alone, or packages that include some of the available attachments such as the blender or food processor.  Buying a combination package with multiple attachments will likely save you money over buying the components separately, so if you do plan to buy them, it is probably your best bet.

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